Delicate Beaded Necklace Worn Two Ways

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
4 Materials
2 Hours

I have been on a jewelry making kick if you haven't noticed! When I found these delicate aqua colored beads they just screamed summer and the sea to me (I may have been inspired by the Gulf of Mexico, where I was when I found them).

I used a very fine wire. The rule of thumb is to use the thickest wire that will fit through the bead for the amount of movement you want. I may have been able to use fine rather then very fine but I wanted this necklace to seem very delicate and have a lot of movement.

I looped the wire through a clasp end and used a tiny crimp.

Some people will use a crimping tool but since this wire is so thin, you want to flatten the crimp completely so that the wire is secure.

I fed a few beads over the double wire for more security and even this wasn't easy since the hole on the beads were so tiny. Then I trimmed the excess.

I wanted to be able to wear this necklace two ways, so I measured how many beads based on a double choker before adding the clasp hook and crimp on the other side (same technique as above).

This is how it looks as a long necklace.

Perfect for summer!

Suggested materials:
  • Beads   (bead store)
  • Very fine wire   (bead/craft store)
  • Small plyers
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