Faux Navajo Pearl Beaded Necklace Worn MANY Different Ways

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
4 Materials
5 Hours

I have been very much in love with Navajo pearls for some time, which if you are unfamiliar, are silver hollow beads that are common in Native American jewelry. Unfortunately, they are out of my budget. When I saw these hematite beads, I was determined to get the look for a faction of the cost.

I got 5 strands of the hematite beads for $9 each, were a necklace with this many Navajo pearls would cost about $500.

I also used a medium wire because I wanted a sturdy look to this peace, like hard metal.

I string a VERY long piece of wire, it will make sense in a minute.

At the end I decided to use a crimp to secure the wire.

I looped it through both of the ends and crimped it shut.

Then I stuck the excess in a few of the near by beads for security and to clean up the look and cut the excess. You really can barley see this crimp and I just place it in the back.

The reason I went so long, is because I wanted to be able to wear this necklace in many different ways, looped multiple times around my neck.

I like the choker look and one long strand.

I had a lot of beads left over, so I decided to make an additional choker with this pendent I've had for a while that I never found the right strand for.

For a choker, I needed to use a clasp that I secured with a small crimp.

Here is another way I can wear it! Small choker with the long pieces looped once.

You can even wrap it as a bracelet stack.

Suggested materials:
  • Hematite beads   (bead store)
  • Medium wire   (bead/craft store)
  • Plyers
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