How to Make a Statement Chain Necklace Out of an Old Purse Strap

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Today’s tutorial is on how to make a chain necklace out of an old purse strap. Grab your old purse with a chain strap, follow these steps and you can make your own statement necklace! This could be a rainy day activity or even a fun craft to do with friends at a party.

Tools and materials:

  • Old purse with a chain
  • Scissors 
  • Thread
  • Bobby pins 
  • Old charms
Detaching the chain from the purse

1. Prep the chain 

Detach the chain from the purse

Cutting embroidery thread for the braiding

2. Lay out the embroidery thread

Lay out some embroidery thread along the chain. Measure it out to be four times the size of the chain then cut it.

Making the embroidery thread thicker

3. Thicken the thread

Lay out the full length of the thread then double the length as many times as you would like until you have your desired thickness. 

I doubled mine about fifteen times. 

Brightly colored embroidery thread

4. Add another color

Repeat these steps with another color. I used fuchsia and purple.

Knotting the ends of the thread

5. Knot the ends

Knot the ends of the colors together leaving around a two-inch tail. 

Attaching bobby pins to the thread

6. Attach bobby pins

Place the threads on the left side of the chain and attach a bobby pin to each strand. 

Knotting in the chain

7. Start the first knot

Pass the bobby pin from the first color though the first link at the top of the chain.

Do this slowly and carefully so that it doesn't tangle. Pull it all the way through.

Crossing the thread over the chain

8. Cross 

Cross the first color over the chain to the left.

Switching up the colors of the thread

9. Add the second color to the knot 

Take the second color, cross it over to the right side and pass it through the same hole as the first color. 

This gives you your very first knot.

DIY chain necklace with embroidery thread

10. Prepare the second knot

Straighten the chain and take the right color and cross it to the left.

Knotting the threading through the chain

11. Pass the second color through the next hole

Take the second color and cross it over the first color then under the chain and through the next hole.

Remember that two colors go in one chain hole.

The pattern is the right to left, left over the first color, and then under the chain.

Always straighten your chain with every knot you make. 

How to make a chunky chain necklace

12. Repeat 

Repeat these steps until the chain is finished. 

Cutting off the excess yarn

13. Knot and cut

When you are finished, knot the end and snip the excess yarn off.

Make your own statement necklace

14. Add decoration

For some extra oomph, I took charms I had from an old necklace and I sewed them on to this one. 

Making a clasp using the embroidery thread

15. Tie the clasp

For the clasp, I took some more thread and I passed it through the last hole. 

How to make a braided necklace

How to make a chain necklace from a purse strap

This is the finished look! As you can see, this statement necklace is loud, elegant, and bold. Once you get the method down, making this necklace is super easy and fun! 

If you try this please share your photos. I would really love to see what you create! 

Suggested materials:
  • Old purse with a chain
  • Scissors
  • Thread
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  • Holly Holly on Dec 25, 2021

    That is worth the effort, it's beautiful.

  • MJ MJ on Dec 26, 2021

    Nice idea! . . . I hate wasting good hardware when an old purse gets worn out.