Mala Style Necklace Tutorial

6 Materials
30 Minutes

So, if you want to make your own mala necklace, but don’t know how, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. This DIY tutorial will show you step by step how to make a beautiful and meaningful mala necklace using your favorite beads, gemstones, or crystals.

Follow the easy steps in this video tutorial and learn how to make a gorgeous handmade mala necklace! With just some simple supplies from the craft store, anyone can do it! These are great as gifts or for yourself too!

If you’re wondering how to make a Mala necklace for prayer, this tutorial will not work for you. My goal is to simply show you how to make this style of jewelry. It does not have the required knots, etc. to use in prayer. So, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy this style of jewelry as a fashion accessory. It is not intended as prayer beads.

Jewelry is a great way to show off your style and make any outfit pop. You can change the look of necklaces, bracelets, rings, or any other jewelry by changing up the beads you use! 

  • First, add the golden leaf charms to the top of the tassel.
  • String on the golden pearl.
  • Turn the wire to make an eye at the top.
  • The tussle is now ready to string.
  • Take a long length of fishing wire.
  • String it on the tussle.

  • Add 1 blue bead on the right side of the tussle.
  • Add 1 blue bead on the left side.
  • Now add 6 light blue beads on each side.
  • Then add 12 blue beads on each side.
  • Next, add 30 dark blue beads on each side.

  • Insert the wire into the hole of the lobster clasp.
  • Tie a knot.
  • Close the lobster clasp.
  • Insert the wire into the other hole.
  • Tie a knot.
  • Close the lobster clasp.
  • Your tussle mala is ready to wear.

Check out the step by step video

Suggested materials:
  • Golden pearl bead
  • 2 golden leaf charms
  • Silk tassle with cap
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