How to: Design a DIY Wire Ring

4 Materials
45 Minutes

Looking for the perfect wire ring? This tutorial will teach you how to make a DIY spiral flower wire ring. With fun colors, shapes, and designs, this ring is the perfect accessory, and you can totally make a bunch to match every outfit!

Tools and materials:

  • 20 inches of 22 gauge (wire diameter 0.6 mm)
  • Wood mandrel
  • 2mm crystal beads
  • Pliers
Wire ring

Choose your size

Wrap your wire around your wood mandrel a few times. If you are using a thinner wire, you must compensate with more rounds to ensure thickness and strength. (The place on the mandrel where you wrap the wire will have to do with the size of the ring you are looking to make). Once that’s done, twist your wire to secure the ring, until you have created a spiral (pictured above). 

Wire wrapped ring

Add your beads

Slip your beads onto your wire (that extends from the spiral) and then wrap the second wire under and the bead (and around the wire running through it) to secure it in place. Once that’s done, add another bead and repeat the same process. Repeat this until all your ten beads are on your ring. 

DIY wire ring with bead

Use pliers to cut off any excess wire from the one used to wrap the beads and then place your ring back on the wood mandrel and use it to shape your beads into a flower around your spiral. Wrap the excess wire (that you ran your beads through) around the ring in waves for extra security and design. Do this by weaving your wire around the ring, inside and out. To finish, wrap the wire around the ring and gently squeeze them in place. Cut the wire slanted and squeeze again to avoid any sharp edges that can cut or irritate the skin. 

DIY wire ring with crystal

Make a DIY wire ring

This wire-wrapped ring is so easy to make and so fun to personalize. I chose to go with a pretty flower shape, but you can explore any design that best suits you. Play around with the colors, styles, and sizes until you have something you adore!  

Suggested materials:
  • 22 gauge wire
  • WSood mandrel
  • 2mm crystal beads
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