Pom Pom Craft: Pompom Bag Charm & Key Ring

A little while ago I few to Sydney to film a crafty Facebook Live video with Spotlight and Woman’s Day as part of Craft Month. It was my presenting debut, and although I was initially a little apprehensive, it turned out great!

The thirty minute segment was all about Pom Poms, how to make them, and how to use them.

It specifically covered the following:

  • 3 Ways to make Pom Poms (1:53)
  • How to make a Pom Pom Bag Charm and Key Ring (15:15)
  • Incorporating Pom Poms into your home decor (22:40)

You can watch the full video on facebook or just below. The video and audio quality isn’t fantastic – the downsides of fb live, but you can see everything clearly enough.

So today I wanted to share in one of the projects featured in the video segment, How to make a Pompom Bag Charm. I’ve added a few nice clear photos and written instructions, as well as included where to find the extra tips and information in the video.

I love a good pom pom, and these bag charms are a colourful way to add some personality to a boring bag, clutch or basket. You can also clip them onto your keys and use them as a key chain, I guarantee you’ll never lose your keys at the bottom of your bag again!

You will need:

How to make a Pom Pom Bag Charm with Tassle

1/ First you need to make your pompoms, I’ve used a little pom pom making gadget and made 2 large ones and 2 smaller ones. You can watch the instructions here where I show you the trick to making multi-coloured pom poms with self-striping yarn and how to trim them – WATCH HERE start at (1:50)

For the following stages you can refer to the video from (15:15) – WATCH HERE

2/ Holding 2 yarns together (black and white) crochet a 20cm cord with a basic chain stitch, leave a 20cm yarn tail at the beginning and end of cord.

3/ Onto each yarn tail thread on a few wooden beads and 2 pom poms using a yarn/tapestry needle.

4/ Make a tassel and secure it to each end. Refer to video (20:00) or instructions here – How to make a yarn tassel

5/ Secure the cord to the key chain like this:

Thread the cord through the D shape section of the lobster clip

Pull the loop through and place it over the clip

Secure the cord by pulling the loop tight

6/ Clip the bag charm onto your favourite bag and you’re set to go!

These would make a great gift for a friend who has everything! Personalise it any colour you like.

Now go forth and POM POM !

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  • Leslie Leslie on Jun 20, 2021

    These are lovely, the colors you used are great and the addition of wooden beads and tassels makes them special. These would look cute as zipper pulls too and on hats etc. Thank you for sharing :) On an aside I have also seen the nested 3 tier tassel in earrings and as how you used yours. the beads would make them even nicer.

  • Pam27837674 Pam27837674 on Apr 21, 2022

    Love the Purse!! What's the brand?