Knot-ical Silk Scarf Bag 

This summer while vacationing with family & reminiscing about my grandmother’s beautiful life, I was betrothed her abundant scarf collection. Ranging in pattern, color, material and texture – there was an accessory for every occassion. I fell in love most deeply with the ones that were silky smooth and boasted intricate patterns from her wordly travels. However, at least at first, I struggled with how to incorporate these vintage treasures into my wardrobe in a way that wouldn’t turn heads to question the decade.

Having a silly Goodwill bag lying around (as a DIYer you tend to buy now and question project later) I toyed with how I could combine the two into an every day accessory. In a less than an hour, some old sewing pins and a mild level of frustration I had a perfect combination of vintage, yet casual that I could use in my everyday.

I even used this little purse to accent the cutest nautical sweater from Hope & Stetson on our self-guided craft brewery tour this past weekeend. Monopolozing on the lackluster beach climate, my unpaid photographer & I visited local Rhode Island brewmasters in their element. It was a fun & tasty way to spend a Saturday & my bag was just the right size to the essentials for a day out & about.

To make this bag you’ll need:

  • 1 vintage silk scarf

  • 1 vintage purse

  • sewing pins/glue

step 1: Fold your scarf in half diagonally, forming a triangle. Lay the bag so that the edge of the scarf (hypotenuse of the triangle) aligns with the clasp, or opening, of the bag. Pin or glue to secure and fold as pictured below:

step 2: Fold the scarf up to meet the clasp, or opening of the bag as in step However, in this step you will need to fold down the corner as pictured below. Pin or glue to secure.

step 3: Using the two long ends of the scarf, make a knot. Tuck the fold on the front of the bag underneath the knot.

step 4: Double knot to secure.

Sweater Hope & Stetson ℅ / Bag (me) / Shorts (see below)

& of course, if you aren’t crafDIY life me, you can get the same look here:

What’s your favorite summer accessory?

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