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I got some leggings from Walmart for about $5 and I wanted to spruce them up a little. The print is fun and all that, but I wanted to add a personal touch by adding lace to the sides. This tutorial is great for anyone who wants to take their leggings to the next level of awesomeness. They can be old or new leggings, whatever it is, you are going to love this tutorial!

Tools and materials:

  • A pair of leggings
  • Grommet tape
  • Fabric pen
  • Shoelaces
  • Sharp scissors

DIY lace-up leggings

Make markings

Wear your pants and draw marking with a fabric pen. I am adding two per leg, one on top, and the other around my knee area. This where I’d like my holes to be. Of course, you can go down further if you like. Make sure they are the same on both sides.

Make lace-up leggings

Snip and make the holes

Start by clipping where you marked the lines from the first step. Put your shoelace along the side and determine if the length would be enough for the hole. I noticed that my shoelace was longer and so I made my hole longer, too. Next, flip the leggings over and do the same.

When you cut the opening, make sure you are angling outwards and coming back in; creating an oval-like shape. You do not want to cut a straight line, it won’t look right. Make sure that the opening on top is wide so that when you lace it up, it won’t lace all the way together. Repeat on both sides, making the holes exactly the same.

How to make lace-up leggings

Measure and sew grommet tape.

Lay your grommet tape close to the length of the holes you just made and determine how long each tape should be. Essentially, you want one a little long for the curved bits at the bottom. So, cut two tapes the same size and an additional 2 a little longer (You will need 4 tapes in total).

Easy lace-up leggings

Pin the grommet tape to the leggings, as close as possible to the outside. Make sure to use a zipper foot to sew this to ensure that you get close to the grommets. Sew carefully and slowly, using a straight stitch.

Side lace-up leggings

Lace it up!

Take a pair of shoelaces and make a knot. Bring the knot into the inner side of your pants, right on top. Pull one string on one side and the other, on the adjacent side. Lace every other grommet, going over into the grommet and not under. Basically, lace them up as you would do with your shoes.

Basic lace-up leggings

Wear and adjust

Wear your transformed lace-up leggings and adjust the shoelaces to your liking. I wanted the hole very wide, but if you want a little skin showing, lace them up much tighter.

Create lace-up leggings

There you have it, talk about a transformation! I absolutely love these leggings and they look so cool and on fleek. There you have it, a few simple steps and you got yourself a pair of some snazzy and unique lace-up leggings!

Suggested materials:
  • Leggings
  • Grommet tape
  • Fabric pen
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