Up Your Style With These 9 Different Ways to Wear a Button-Down Shirt

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You know that oversized button-down shirt you have in your closet? It’s time to bust it out. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create 9 different totally fashionable styles out of that one shirt! Just follow along as I style this oversized men’s shirt — that’s right, you can steal one from your boyfriend or husband, too — into these 9 awesome looks. Feel free to get creative and to customize these looks however you want. If you like my style check out my YouTube Channel. I upload every Wednesday!

How to style a button-down shirt

Casual style for your button-down
Casual look

To achieve this look, just pair your shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers. Wear it open over a tucked-in white tank top, and then tuck in one side of the button-down shirt. Fold up your sleeves to the elbow and throw on a cute messenger clutch, and you’re rocking that cute and casual style.  

Minimalist styled button-down shirt
Minimalist style

Want to keep it simple? Throw on a pair of pants (I loved how it looked with these cream-colored pants) and sneakers. Wear it open with the sleeves rolled up over a white tank top with one side tucked in. Then take a messenger clutch and throw it around your waist. You’re good to go! 

How to style a button-down blouse for rain
Ready for rain

When it rains it pours, but it doesn’t have to rain on your fashion. Close one middle button of your button-down and throw on your favorite rain jacket. Keep your sleeves rolled only to the wrists. Wet hair? Throw it into a half bun to complete this look! 

Styling a button-down shirt for business
Business look

Have a job interview or business meeting? Pair your shirt with some slacks and a belt, and slip into your favorite pair of flats. Then roll your sleeves up to the elbow and tuck each side of your button-down into the opposite side of your waist, creating a diagonal V look. Don’t forget that oversized handbag to keep all your important documents! The board room is ready for you. 

Styling your oversized button-down
‘70s inspired

The ’70s are back! Cool shoes, an open jacket, and a pair of bell-bottom pants come together to create this throwback look. Tie the ends of your shirt together in a knot and throw on that cool retro jacket. Don’t forget the sunglasses. Far out, dude! 

Summer styles for your button down blouse
Ready for summer

Do you love summer? Then you’ll love this summer look. Start off with a black dress and belt around your waist. Then, leaving the button-down shirt open, tuck both sides into the belt, pulling up so that it’s tucked under itself. Button the cuffs and pull the sleeves up to your elbows, then grab your favorite summer bag and strappy sandals and enjoy the sun!

Beach vibes for your button-down shirt
Beach vibes

Throw your button-down over your favorite beach dress and secure a belt over the shirt around your waist, leaving the ends of the belt hanging down. Button your cuffs and pull the sleeves up to the elbow, then pull up one side of your shirt so that you have an uneven look. Slip into your beach shoes, add a bandana, sunglasses, and tote, and your look is complete. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

Bohemian style for your oversized shirt
Modern Bohemian

For this look, you’re going to wear your button-down under a sleeveless, thigh-length dress and put a thin belt around your waist. Roll your sleeves up to your elbows and throw on a chic hat along with your favorite flats. An oversized bag will complete the look. Talk about Boho chic!

Street style for your oversized button-down
Street style

This last style uses the same dress as before, worn over your button-down. Roll your sleeves up to your elbows and tie a cardigan around your waist. Together with some casual high-top shoes and a tote, you’ll be ready to hit the streets! 

There you have it! 9 different ways to style and wear the same oversized button-down shirt! As you can see, that same shirt can work for all sorts of looks ranging from completely casual to business elegant. The best part is that you can really get creative and add accessories however you want to. I’d love to see how you adapted these styles, so be sure to drop a picture in the comments and let me know which look you liked best! 

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