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Hey guys, I'm going to do a super quick tutorial on how to get long-lasting fake freckles that look super natural.

I've seen some really terrible fake freckles, and they're getting to the point where everybody's quite happy to have them looking even more and more fake - I just don't understand it.

So I thought I would do a tutorial on how to achieve the most natural, long-lasting version of freckles that I have perfected.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Spatula
  • Palette
  • Duraline 
  • Thin paintbrush
  • Makeup brush
Matte brown eyeshadow

You want to start off with a matte brown eyeshadow.

I’m using a palette with three matte tones that would work for me throughout the year, so if I wanted them to be slightly lighter or slightly darker, I've got options.

So you can just choose a palette that has a couple of options for yourself.

Mixing eyeshadow with Duraline

1. Mix eyeshadow with Duraline

Scrape a tiny amount of the chosen color onto a palette. Then mix it with some Duraline. This is a mixing medium that will transform your eyeshadow into a liquid. It will also make it waterproof.

Apply just one drop of liquid into the palette; you want the consistency to be quite watery. Think of it more as a watercolor rather than an eyeliner.

Painting freckles on

2. Paint the freckles on

Then take a very thin paintbrush - regular makeup brushes just don't come small enough. With your foundation already on, paint the freckles across the nose.

Apply a light amount in irregular dots and spacing, and then before it dries in place, we're going to use our finger to press over it.

Your finger will pick up any remaining fluid, which you can dab next to those freckles for a lighter version. That will give you that more natural-looking freckle.

Pressing freckles

3. Press freckles in with a makeup brush

Then go in with a plain makeup brush and press it into the foundation. That way, we're going to get an even lighter finish, and you can start working over the top of this with even more freckles. That way, we can build it up to the desired amount.

Just don't go too crazy, otherwise it will start to look fake!

If you'd like your freckles to be a little bit more intense in their color payoff, you can make the consistency a little bit thicker - so just add a little bit more of the eyeshadow to the Duraline.

Layering freckles

4. Layer the freckles

Continue to layer the freckles up.

The beauty of using the Duraline means that they are not going anywhere. They're going to last all day.

Proceed to tap the freckles in with your finger. Or you can just use a brush if you’re worried about disturbing your foundation.

You could use a brow pomade with the Duraline, you don't have to use powder, but I feel like the eyeshadow just gives a softer finish.

I've tried many different products for faux freckles, and for me, this is the ultimate realistic and most natural finish.

Cute long-lasting fake freckles

Long-lasting fake freckles

So that's a super quick way to achieve barely-there freckles. It's just enough to give you that light smattering that looks like it's slightly underneath your foundation.

They look really, really natural, as if you've just been kissed by the sun, and underneath you are looking beautifully freckled.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave me a comment and check out my post on How to Contour Your Eyes.

Products used:

Natasha Denona - Camel Palette

UK & Global - Cult Beauty:

US - Look Fantastic:

Inglot Duraline

UK - Amazon:

UK - Look Fantastic:

UK & Global - BeautyBay:

US - Amazon:

US - Look Fantastic:

Palette & Spatula

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Paint Brush Size 0, 00, 000

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  • Eyeshadow
  • Spatula
  • Palette
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