Top Tips for Styling Black Leather Leggings

by Masha

I’m going to be showing you how to wear black leggings. To look trendy with leather leggings, you have to pair them with something oversized on top because leather leggings are fitted, and you have to wear something large on top or something that is long and falls below your waistline a little bit so that it covers the butt area. So chunky sweaters are a great option, and if you’re going for a shirt, it should be a bit more of a masculine shirt.

Black leather leggings style


I’m starting off with something basic and casual. Here I’m wearing faux leather leggings, which I prefer to genuine leather as it allows the skin to breathe more. I’m wearing them with a relaxed white t-shirt which I’ve tucked in on one side to create an asymmetrical look. You can leave it untucked if you want, but in my opinion, an asymmetrical shape looks more interesting. I chose to wear white sneakers with this look, and to pull it all together, I’m wearing my favorite coat, a houndstooth print. The black and white pattern makes the outfit look balanced.

Styling black leather leggings


Outfit number two is for ladies who love cozy sweaters. I’m wearing a beautiful mint-colored sweater with an oversized green blazer. Both the sweater and the blazer have a loose cut which elongates my silhouette.

Style black leather leggings


If you need to dress up your leggings, pair them with heels. This look is for ladies who love heels and nightlife. Here I paired black leggings with a black lace crop top and black heels. To top it off, I added earrings in a juicy emerald green color. The green blazer helps the outfit to look balanced and modern.

Easy black leather leggings style


Now we’re going to create three outfits based on the combination of black leggings and a white shirt. For this look, you will need a masculine white shirt, the more oversized, the better. I’m wearing black booties with a block heel, and I also have a gold brooch and asymmetrical earrings that accessorize the look.

Casual black leather leggings style


For the next look that I created, I’m wearing the white shirt untucked on one side with a loose suede jacket in a beautiful muted mauve color. The white sneakers give optimal comfort. This is an excellent outfit for traveling in.

Black leather leggings


The final look with the white shirt is glamorous yet casual. I put on the white shirt with a black top with a square neckline without straps or any details. We need a simple top and always with a square neckline, so the little black triangle peeks out when you unbutton the shirt. I added a chunky chain necklace, simple disc earrings, and black cat eyeglasses to complete the look. I also wanted to create a pop of color, so I added bold red ankle boots.

How to wear black leggings


For this outfit, I need your help choosing shoes! I can’t decide which shoes to wear - red or black, so I’m wearing one of each. I paired black leather leggings with a beige elongated dress shirt that has a very relaxed fit in this look. I wanted to add an accent color to this outfit, so I’m wearing red-framed glasses, and I have a red handbag. I really like how red shoes match red accessories, but stylistically, they cut the leg in the ankle area. Black boots might make the outfit look more proportional as they match the color of the leggings.

I hope that you like the seven looks that I’ve put together as much as I do! I really enjoyed putting them together. As I said, my main styling tip for wearing leggings is to wear something baggy or oversized on top, as this will give your butt area some coverage. Also, let me know what color shoe you think looks best in the last look!

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