How To Style One Pair of Faux Leather Leggings 20 Ways

In this style guide, I’m styling a pair of faux leather leggings in a whole bunch of different ways. To be honest, I can’t quite believe that I’m styling these - I’ve never owned a pair before, I’ve never been a leggings person. But apparently, that’s what a global pandemic will do - it will make you try new things. I’ve fallen in love with these faux-leather leggings, and nowadays I wear them once or twice a week. I’ve styled them in as many different ways as I can through as many seasons as possible. I’ve tried to make every outfit unique and a combination of different styling elements like texture and color, and style vibe so that you can take those elements and translate them easily into your closet at home. With that being said, let’s jump on in!

Faux leather leggings style

Look 1: Weekend Basic

The sneakers, baseball cap, and denim jacket with sleeves rolled up combine to create a super relaxed, comfortable, and weekend-ready look.

Styling faux leather leggings

Look 2: Comfy Edge

Here I’m wearing biker boots and a black hoodie with a burgundy coat over the top. This outfit is great if you’re going for a bit more of a quirky, offbeat sort of look.

Style faux leather leggings

Look 3: At Home Basic

A great way to elevate a simple look is to throw a blazer on top. A white top, leggings, and sneakers don’t look all that impressive, but with a blazer on top, you suddenly have a stylish outfit that you can easily wear around the house and run errands in.

Easy faux leather leggings style

Look 4: Texture Play

Too often, we focus a lot on color when it comes to styling clothes and forget the role that texture plays. This faux fir vest is a gorgeous piece that can take an outfit to the next level.

Casual faux leather leggings style

Look 5: High Contrast

This look is all about contrasting white and black. It’s really fun to create a look like this - play around with different black and white pieces and see what you can create.

Faux leather leggings

Look 6: Double Metallic

The metallic jacket and shoes in this outfit pair well together and help create a harmonious and coordinated look. Their soft tones give off a stylish yet tranquil vibe.

Leggings lookbook

Look 7: Proportion & Flow

The long flowy white shirt paired with my waist-length jacket makes for a fashionable look that plays with different lengths. The nude color scarf brings the whole outfit together and mirrors the flow of the shirt.

How to wear leggings

Look 8: Tonal Ties

This look is all about finding different tones of brown that contrast with each other and work well together.

How to style leggings

Look 9: Belted

The belt is the prime focus of this look; it accentuates my waist and elongates my legs.

Leggings fashion

Look 10: Welcome to the ‘Aughts

Faux fur vests such as these were super trendy in the 2000s, and they still are. I’ve paired it with a white shirt and some boots for a well-put-together look.

Simple leggings outfits

Look 11: Gone Fishing

This Fisherman Sweater layered on top of a white shirt is so simple and cozy but so chic. When wearing a sweater on top of a shirt, having the cuffs, collar, and bottom of the shirt poking out is a really good way to elevate the look and keep it looking trim.

Easy leggings outfits

Look 12: Parisian Inspired

Here again, I’ve gone for a sweater on top of a white shirt. The stripes on the sweater paired with the necktie create a stylish Parisian look. The loafers are a really smart shoe and are great at dressing the leggings up and making them look elegant.

Stylish leggings

Look 13: Western Weekend

A denim jacket with brown leather calf-length boots is a combination that you pretty much can’t go wrong with—a stylish and straightforward outfit. 

Leggings outfits

Look 14: PSL Lite

The intensity and richness of this coat is just gorgeous. It is a pumpkin color hence why it reminds me of a pumpkin spice latte! As the color of the coat is the main focal point of this look, I’ve kept the rest of my clothing neutral-colored - a simple cream sweater and brown boots.

Leggings looks

Look 15: Edgy Monochrome

The key to rocking a monochrome look is to make sure it isn’t bland. To do this, you need to make sure of different materials and textures and focus on the silhouette you’re creating. The pointed toe of the boots I’m wearing here is my favorite part of the outfit, and they help create a polished look.

Fashionable leggings

Look 16: PSL Dark

Here I’m wearing the gorgeous pumpkin-colored coat again, only this time on top of an all-black outfit. If you have a piece like this where you want the color to pop, then contrast is a great way to make that happen. As I’ve shown with these two looks, you can either contrast the piece with lighter colors or contrast it with darker colors.

Leggings style guide

Look 16: Preppy Meets Athleisure

The blazer on top of the high-neck sweater gives off a preppy look balanced against the leggings and sneakers’ athleisure look. This is a great example of combining these two different clothing styles and making them work.

Faux leather leggings

Look 18: Elevated Belted

Wearing something shiny on the part of the body you’re looking to accentuate is an excellent fashion tip. Your eyes are drawn right onto my waist in this outfit because of the gold belt I’m wearing. The v-neck top, heeled boots, and fitted jacket create a super sophisticated outfit. This is a great example of how you can wear leggings in a work/business outfit.

Ideas for leggings

Look 19: LBD Layered

I’ve called this a LBD, but it’s actually a warm wool coat. A little black coat, if you will. The long outerwear combined with the over-the-knee boots creates a stylish look.

Twenty leggings looks

Look 20: Model Off-Duty

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath, throw a thick scarf and a killer jacket worn off-the-shoulders on top, and you’re instantly transformed into a model. Well, not quite… if only it were that easy! But it’s an effortless way to look put together and fabulous.

That’s twenty different looks for how you can wear leggings. A big misconception out there is that you can only wear leggings in casual looks. Here I’ve shown how you can dress them up and make them look smart for more formal occasions. Which outfit do you like the most?

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