5 Ways of How to Style a Sweatshirt in Unique Ways

The secret of how to style a sweatshirt is to stop thinking of it as a sweatshirt per se. Many of these pieces can actually look like a sweater or a nice top. Just because we know they are sweatshirt material doesn’t mean we can’t dress them up and wear them in many ways.

Over 50 in a sweatshirt

Want more ways of how to style a sweatshirt? It will work with the 5 ways I showed styling a sweater too. Just as easily, a sweater can be styled in the 5 ways discussed here too.

Here are 4 of the ways to style your sweatshirt and make sure to visit my article for the fifth way (it's a good one I bet you hadn't thought of).

How to style a sweatshirt with accessories

1-Adding Accessories

It’s no secret that I love my accessories, and I think this is one way how to style a sweatshirt and take it up a notch. Doing this distracts you from the fact that it’s boxy and normally a casual piece.

For the above outfit, I not only added a scarf, but 2 longer necklaces to the mix. Layering and lots of texture are the keys to this one.

How to style a sweatshirt over a hoodie

2-Layering a Hoodie UNDER It

I usually don’t love a crew neck top by itself so how about layering under it? Wearing a hoodie is my new favorite layering technique. It adds a little to the neckline, but it doesn’t need ironing like most of my collared shirts.

This leopard hoodie was purchased from Belong Lifestyle USA which is an online store run by a friend of mine.

Borrowing your husband's shirt

3-Layer a Men’s Shirt Under It

While I talked about a collared shirt layered under a sweater, I wanted to try it differently with this idea of how to style a sweatshirt. Having a longer tunic shirt (or in this case my hubby’s shirt) creates visual interest at the top and bottom of the sweatshirt. And then enables me to wear it with leggings and still feel covered.

How to style a sweatshirt under a dress

4-Layering Over the Sweatshirt

Most of the time I think of a sweatshirt as the top layer. So it’s unique to try layering something else over top of it. This overall dress worked perfectly for this example.

If you have a sleeveless or tank dress, I think you could try this idea too. It’s almost like when we layered a dress over our white button down shirt.

And make sure to click over to see #5.

5 ways of how to style a sweatshirt

Thank You for reading and I hope you find more versatility in your sweatshirts!!

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