Leather Skirt Style- 5 Ways to Look Snazzy

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I love high mileage pieces. High mileage clothes are items you can style in so many ways, giving you that extra mile to strut your stuff! If you are looking for inspiration for a great leather skirt style, then keep on scrolling! In this tutorial, I will show you 5 ways to style a women’s leather skirt. Also, this is perfect for the curvy beauties out there! Let's get started.

Style a leather skirt

Look 1

I call this the safari look and I think it’s super cute. Pair your skirt with a different colored, sleeveless buttoned down top. Tuck it in and finish the look with a lovely belt that sits right on your waistline. If you have a bit of tummy, then a belt will help conceal that area.

Styling a leather skirt

Take off the belt if you feel it’s adding too much to your outfit. Both ways look great!

Basic leather skirt style

Look 2

You have probably noticed by now that I love buttoned-down shirts! For this look, wear a printed shirt to give your outfit some depth and an interesting edge. Some people shy away from printed shirts but if you can find an item that matches your base color, then you will have a more streamlined appearance. Make sure the print matches your leather skirt, and try to go for a tonal look where both the leather skirt and the print shirt have the same colors, as you can see here. Finish off your look with neutral sandals, thus avoiding too much busyness in your overall look. This style is great as an office outfit, too.


Find a top with a neutral background. That way it will be easier to mix and match.

Easy leather skirt style

Look 3

This one’s a little more casual and as you see, I have added a metallic touch to this outfit to help break down the monotonic look. Like this look? Go for an elevated t-shirt with different textures to give off a lovely impression. My shirt also has zippers on the shoulders, giving it some elevation from a regular t-shirt. For the metallic touch, pair your look with metallic shoes and use gold accessories to make a subtle contrast.

Women’s leather skirt

Look 4

Let's step away from the neutral looks for a second and add in some brightness and splendor! How lovely is this burnt orange color? This is perfect for summer or spring, and I love how the shirt and the shoe match, which are, by the way, are really old items from my wardrobe. Basically, take a look around at what you have and go crazy with the colors! Bold contrasts are in right now.

Women’s leather skirt style

If you want to take this outfit up a notch, you can add some sunglasses. These are perfect for summer and really complete the trendy look.

White top with leather skirt

Look 5

I love this pretty style! The texture of the shirt is certainly not boring and adds a lovely chic touch. When you have a basic leather skirt style, it’s best to play around with different textures. Simply tuck in your shirt and you are good to go, girl! Pair this with white shoes and you have a fierce outfit!

Add a belt

I want to show you another step, which works wonders on a curvy-shaped body. I used to do this all the time. Untuck out your shirt, so it’s hanging loose, and add a belt to your waistline. The belt will draw attention to the smallest part of your body and give you a lovely shape. Wearing a belt like this gives off an equally sophisticated look.

Now you have the ultimate inspiration- one leather skirt styled 5 different ways for almost any occasion! I hope you got inspiration from this tutorial and that you are looking through your wardrobe, finding lovely pieces to go with your leather skirt!

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  • Rachel Jonas Rachel Jonas on Feb 10, 2021

    These looks are all amazing!

  • Susan Susan on Feb 19, 2021

    I am a curvy woman and am always trying to down play everything I wear. I shouldn't! You look classy and sophisticated. I'm going to try to remember these looks, that belt trick is awesome! Thank you!