7 Stylish T-Shirt Outfits for 7 Days

by Masha

In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you seven outfits for seven days. I’ll teach you how to create a capsule wardrobe for the week using your favorite basic white t-shirts. A white t-shirt is an essential, fundamental piece to have in your closet - there is nothing more versatile to have.

White t-shirt style


Let’s start the week with something simple and that everyone loves. When in doubt, go for blue denim with your white t-shirt. You can style the look with anything from flats to statement heels, depending on where you’re going. This outfit was inspired by Victoria Beckham. To recreate the look, you will need a plain white t-shirt, turned-up blue jeans, and a silver chain necklace. Since the outfit is super simple, I added a pair of red cherry-colored heels. Any bright heels or shoes would work in this case.

Style a white t-shirt


You can never go wrong with a white t-shirt and blue jeans combination, so let’s create one more outfit based on this stylish combo. You can add a blazer to this look and head on in to work. Black shades will keep you looking cool and sophisticated.

Easy white t-shirt style


In this outfit, I went with my favorite brown straight pants paired with snakeskin boots. This look is simple, but it’s also chic and elegant because I’ve used all neutrals. To complete the look, I’ve put on a beige trenchcoat.

Casual white t-shirt style


I went for Bermuda shorts in this outfit, which are one of the hottest Spring/Summer trends. Truthfully, I don’t actually have a pair of Bermuda shorts yet, so I rolled up my straight green pants to make them shorter. I like this style of shorts and the length of them makes them appropriate to wear for work.

Tip: If you find that sorts like this tend to make you look short, a pair of heels will help to give you a more elongated look.

Basic white t-shirt style


For a casual Friday, this outfit again was inspired by Victoria Beckham where she wore suit pants with a white t-shirt. I’m wearing masculine-looking trousers, and I paired them with a white t-shirt that has print on it since I thought a plain t-shirt would look a little dull here. One tip is to choose low-rise pants for this casual look; you can see that my pants here sit very low on my hips. To finish off the look, I’m wearing flat black sandals, making the outfit comfortable and casual. If you go for a walk in the evening, then throw a black leather jacket on over this outfit. I love how it looks - crisp yet relaxed.

How to wear a white t-shirt


This outfit is perfect for date night or a night out. For this outfit, I’m wearing a white t-shirt with a gold-printed giraffe on it. I paired the t-shirt with white jogger pants and snakeskin boots. To add a little pop of color, I applied some red lipstick. I’ll take my black leather jacket in case it gets chilly.

T-shirt lookbook


After a long and fun night out, we need a break. This look is a casual-chic one. To make a relaxed, comfortable outfit, I’m wearing white sneakers. I’ve added a classic longline black coat. I love mixing fashion styles, and I think this coat works perfectly with a low-key, casual outfit.

There we have seven stylish t-shirt styles that you can wear throughout the week. Whether you want to go for a casual sneakers look or a more dressed-up heels look, a white t-shirt is such a versatile piece that can be the foundation of many different outfits.

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