7 Days ONE Shirt! - a Week Full Outfits With the Same Plaid Button Up

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
2 Materials
1 Week

I got myself a new plaid button down in blue and green from Old Navy and I might be obsessed. I have worn it basically every day this week!

Day 1: Lunch date

There are really so many way to style this shirt from low key to casual. This first look had a lunch date vibe. With velvet leggings and wedged sneakers!

Day 2: Apple picking

You know it's apple picking season and this outfit is perfect for the task! Jean jacket on top with distressed black leggings and lace up boots icon

Day 3: Out on the town

This one might be my favorite and a little more on the fancy side. I am obsessed at how easy it is to style this shirt up or down. Black leggings, my FAVORITE thigh high boots and a little belt!

Day 4: Helping a Friend Move

icon Do you really need an outfit for that? Well why the heck not! Distressed jeans, sneakers, comfy T and plaid button down on top!

Day 5: Shopping

Hey it can't all be fun and games, right? Sometimes you need to run out for groceries. Comfy jeans, tied up button down and cute booties.

Day 6: Night In

Having a few of the girl over for wine? Favorite T and favorite jeans with plaid shirt tied around your waste for some casual wine and gossip.

Day 7: Dinner Party

Last but not least, dinner party with friends. Straight leg jeans, hot black boots and a black sweater on top of button down to make this an evening look.

Suggested materials:
  • Plaid shirt   (Old Navy)
  • All your favorite things   (your closet)

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