Ice Cube Cooling Skin Care for Sunburnt Skin

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Hello kind people!

Thought with the summer heat I'd share how to reduce sun burn.

These ingredients work wonders for healing the skin.

Coconut adds nourishment to our skin. If you do become Sunburnt this will reduce redness, soothe & cool the skin which will help with the healing.

You will need:

* aloe vera extract or (gel will also do)

* organic coconut oil


Below is my extracted aloe gel from my plant

I extract the aloe with a spoon, placing it in a large bowl.

Add two tablespoons of organic coconut oil.

Mix the ingredients very well, ideally it should look somewhat whipped like below

Now grab some clean ice-cube trays.

I have a lot of aloe vera plant leftover so I am going to add the plant itself into my cubes but first I chop it with some scissors.

This helps evenly distribute them into the ice tray slots.

I put a teaspoon of my aloe and organic coconut mix into each slot.

It's a bit of a messy process but it is very much worth it.

Once your tray is full put it in your freezer :)

Below they have been in the freezer overnight and they are looking very nice and cold.

They should pop out super easy.

Place them in an airtight bag and place back into the freezer for when you, or a friend might need one.

Back into the freezer they go

Below they do look pretty.

They will prevent peeling skin for burnt skin and it will act as a healing and cooling cube.

Apply one cube to any area that you want, it will spread evenly.

If you have burnt skin during summer this is easy to make!

The cooling will ease the burn the aloe is proven for healing sun burn

Coconut oil adds nourishment.

On sun burnt skin this is more effective with freezing overnight it gives more added cooling to the areas that need it most.

Or to just cool down throughout the summer, these are epic.

Hope you try

keep cool carry on :)

Suggested materials:
  • Organic coconut oil   (Amazon)
  • Aloe vera plant   (Mine)

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