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Hi everyone.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?.

Taking care of our brushes is a essential part to keeping our skin clean.

Dirty brushes hold a lot of bacteria that could lead to blocked pores

Breakouts and skin irritation.

So cleaning these as often as you like cant harm no one

Concealer, foundation and bronzer brushes is what i use.

I will show you a fast an efficient way to clean your makeup brushes.

Leaveing them like brand new.

Imagine our brushes like a eyeliner.

We need to sharpen the pencil.

To make it sharp and work like new again.

Same with brushes they can become very lame & dull.

This will not only freshen your brushes up, but also making them feel soft like they are brand new again.

Below are my brushes

A bit grubby.

Below is everything you will need.

*Essential oil tea tree & grapefruit

*sweet almond

*mason mini jar

*2 small plastick bowls

*dry clean towel

Sweet almond oil add two heaped tablespoons to one plastick bowl

Add 7drops of tea tree essential oil

Add 7 drops of grapefruit essential oil

This mix is done.

Grab a dirty brush.

Place it all the way in to your mix

softly pressing it against the bottom.

Firmly press the brush against the sides

Let it sit in the mix for 2mins

To absorb and remove the dirty makeup

Scrape of excess oils along the side of the container

Repeat this untill you think all the makeup as been removed

You will see the colour change looking very dirty.

Now grab your mini mason jar and fill half way with warm water

Like so.

Take your brush an place into the warm water.

The first lot if warm water will get dirty straight away

Repeat this untill your water is very clear and you cant see any makeup residue on your brushes.

Use a clean dry towel.

Dabbing the brush onto the towel removing excess water.

It will also get its shape back to new.

This brush is finished.

Useing fresh oils with sweet almond.

I repeated this 3 times

When rinceing with warm water be sure to rince well.

Remove all oils, it will seem greasy at 1st just rince very well.

Leave them overnight on a towel laying flat to dry naturally

Leaving to dry overnight

Below is just how dirty these were 😷🤮


They needed a clean.

In this recipe I have used no soap.

Just oils.

Soap can dry the bristles up. Make them stiff.

Irritating senceative skin.

Grapefruit is a very good essential oil for skin of all conditions.

Tea tree is antibacterial so this will clean the brush. Leaving it fresh

Once your brushes are dry.

You can enjoy how soft they are.

The grapefruit as such a lovley fragrance which stays on your brushes leaving them smell so beautiful


All done.

There are very silky soft.

And feel brand new.

They are much more cleaner.

And glide over my skin so softly.

When applying makeup you will still smell the grapefruit as the fragrance dose last.

No toxins, no animals were hurt.

And saving money on brush cleanser.

If I used alot of makeup I would use this every other day. Depending on your skin type.

Having clean brushes

Adds to having healthy skin.

So clean them regularly.

Hope you will try this recipe.

Thanks for reading

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