Mash- up Two Patterns to Make a Cute Romper!

by Koetiquemade
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In 2020 I discovered two patterns that quickly became favorites of mine. The Love Notions Sunday Romper and The Allegros. I made several things from both and wore them constantly. Now with 2022 upon us I got to thinking........ What if I did a mash-up of these two favorite patterns of mine? That sounded like a great Idea!

I did this super fast and didn't really over think it. It was easily completed in just a few hours. I have made both of these patterns quite a few times so I think that was super helpful in mashing these two together. I was also super familiar with the construction of a jumpsuit so that was the most helpful. If you have two patterns that you are more comfortable using, definitely try it with them.

Here's The Plan.

First, here's the changes I made for this to work.

  1. I used 3/8 inch elastic for the casing.
  2. Added 1/2 inch to the top of pocket lining
  3. Take out the faux fly.
  4. Make a 5/8 inch elastic casing.
  5. I hate buttonholes so I didn't do one for the draw string. I'll explain later in this post.

A Few Details About the Patterns.

The Allegro pattern is meant for woven fabric and the Sunday Romper is meant for knit. I have just recently made some Allegro shorts to lounge in out of knit fabric and they turned out wonderful so I knew this would be great. I just compared my Sunday Romper bottom to the Allergo crops to see if there was a big size difference in the two pants. The width was super similar but the rise was different. So I just made a simple "rise" adjustment pictured below.

Lets Make Some Rise Adjustments.

The Allegro bottoms have a seperate waistband piece. Without that I knew the romper I intended to make would be too short in the rise and probably give me a wedgie. I didn't want it to be a seperate piece to attach though. So I took the waistband and made a 3/8 inch seam allowance mark. Then I lined up the top of the Allegro bottoms to that mark and taped it in place. This would make it all once piece and long enough to avoid the wedgie.

The Pocket Adjustments

Once I cut out The Allegro bottoms, I needed to cut the slash pocket opening. I first cut it out by laying the pocket bag on the front of the pants and cutting it out. Then I realized that it should probably be a half an inch lower because of the elastic casing. So I moved the pattern down and removed another 1/2 inch of fabric.

Then I added 1/2 inch to pocket lining. That makes the lining and the pocket bag differnt heights. That's how the Sunday Romper pockets are and it helps the elastic casing not be so bulky. Below is just a picture to show the size difference in the bag and lining.

Not Button-hole for the Drawsting.

So........ I really, really hate doing buttonholes especially on knit fabric. I try to avoid them whenever I can. I wanted a drawstring on my jumpsuit so this is what I did. I left a 1/2 inch opening at the center fron of the casing.

The 1/2 inch opening was just big enough for the drawstring. I actually like the way that this looks better than a buttonhole.

And as you can see it functions and looks just like there's a buttonhole there. I just didn't have to go throught the hassel of applying interfacing and placing a buttonhole in the right size in the correct place. This was so much easier.

Shortening the Legs a Bit More......If You Chose.

I tried my romper on and had a look in my dirty mirror. I felt like the legs were a bit too long for my preferance. It's very warm year round where I live. Plus I really like the look of a short cropped leg.

I took them back to my cutting mat and cut an extra 2 inches off the length of the legs. Then I hemmed them 1 inch using a twin needle for a more professional look.

I Use a Twin Needle Around the Neckline too.

I also used the the twin needle to do some top stitching around the v-neck line. I'm still not a huge of of v-necks but I really like the look of the one on the Sunday Romper so I kept it.

I abolustely love how this turned out. It's the perfect mash-up and was so easy to do! I think I found my new go-to pattern(s) for all my romper needs. Cant wait to make another one.

I love a good pattern mash. What are some of your favorite patterns you like to mash together? Tell me in the comments.

Suggested materials:
  • 2-3 yards Knit fabric   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Allegro pattern   (Love Notions)
  • Sunday Romper Pattern   (Love Notions)
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