Mix Cloves With Vaseline for a Confidence-boosting Aromatherapy Balm

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Cute Flora has a new DIY aromatherapy balm that has both calming and confidence-boosting benefits.

This easy DIY involves creating a unique mixture using Vaseline and cloves. Cute Flora invites her audience to try this aromatherapy balm for positive mood-changing benefits!

To prepare for the balm, Cute Flora lists the required ingredients: Vaseline and cloves (or cloves powder or a clove stick) and lemon oil (or olive oil or sunflower oil).

The creation process begins with gathering all the ingredients on a surface. Cute Flora recommends using a dry small bowl and a dry teaspoon or tablespoon for precise measurements.

As she demonstrates in the video, a small amount of cloves, whether in stick or powder form, is added to the bowl.

For those using a clove stick, Cute Flora shows how to incorporate it, while users with cloves powder are advised to add half a teaspoon to the mixture.

Next, Cute Flora instructs viewers to add lemon oil or its alternatives to the bowl, suggesting a specific quantity depending on personal preference.

Thoroughly mixing the ingredients is essential, as seen in her demonstration.

Although she acknowledges that achieving a uniform texture may be challenging, Cute Flora encourages viewers to do their best and persist until the desired consistency is attained.


Once the mixture is well-combined, Cute Flora informs her audience that it is time to introduce the Vaseline.

A ratio of one teaspoon of Vaseline to two tablespoons of the previous mixture is recommended.

Again, Cute Flora stresses the importance of thorough mixing to ensure all the components blend as seamlessly as possible.

With the aromatherapy balm ready, Cute Flora unveils the possibilities it offers. She highlights its power in uplifting one's energy, removing obstacles that hinder progress, and promoting a sense of well-being.

She suggests applying the balm generously to the face and body after bathing to fully experience its benefits.

Vaseline and cloves

Cute Flora suggests incorporating the balm into your daily routine, using it in the morning or before bedtime. Cute Flora highlights the balm's versatility, noting its effectiveness in various situations such as promoting relaxation, relieving stress, and enhancing overall positivity.

She recommends making a sufficient quantity of the balm and using it regularly for maximum benefit.

DIY confidence-boosting aromatherapy balm

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Suggested materials:
  • Vaseline
  • Cloves
  • Lemon oil

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