Get Wedding Ready With This Stunning Mother of the Bride Makeup Look

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I've had the pleasure of being mother of the bride twice when my daughters got married. In this tutorial, I will show you a natural mother of the bride makeup look, using makeup specially formulated for older skin, eyes, and lips.

Follow along as I give wedding makeup tips for mother of the bride, including eye makeup ideas, and how to apply makeup for women over 50 in general. Of course, this also works as a mother of the groom makeup tutorial too!

Tools and materials:

  • Face primer
  • Foundation
  • Eye primer
  • Brow pen
  • Eyeshadow
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter
  • Blush
  • Lip primer
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Makeup brushes
Applying face primer

1. Face primer 

If you're concerned about your makeup lasting all day and on into the evening, all of this is solved by using a face primer. Face primer is a brilliant way to smooth the skin before applying the foundation and it holds the makeup in place all day.

Applying foundation with a brush

2. Foundation 

Foundation is a great way to unify your skin tone and cover any light blemishes, discoloration, or unevenness on the face.

A good foundation means that when you look at the face, you see a beautiful, unified finish effect. Apply foundation with a brush and make sure that it looks smooth.

Applying eye primer to eyelids with a brush

3. Eye primer

Eye primer covers any discoloration on the eyelid because it's flesh-colored, and forms a smooth base onto which you can then apply eyeshadows. Apply it to your eyes with a small brush.

If you just do this small, relatively quick, preparation, you can ensure that your eye makeup looks very professional and beautifully applied. It will stay and last for hours on end - exactly what you need as mother of the bride or groom.

Filling in eyebrows with a brow pen

4. Brow pen

A lot of older women do have sparse and fair eyebrows or some gaps from overplucking in the past.

The brows frame the eyes and face in general. A brow pen brings back the definition and the shape to your eyebrows. Apply using light and feathery strokes. Use a spoolie brush to blend into your natural brows.

Applying eyeshadow to eyelids with a brush

5. Eyeshadow 

Choose an eyeshadow that goes well with your coloring, and also complements your mother of the bride outfit. Here, we've gone for a no-shimmer rose gold eyeshadow and applied it all over the lids.

Then, we used a darker cocoa shade in and just above the lid crease. Building eyeshadow above the eyelid and into the socket line makes the eyes look bigger and more beautiful, which is what you want to achieve with eye makeup. Build up as much color as you need.

Finally, go in with the darkest color, a dark brown, and apply it to the lash line as a soft eyeliner, using a small, flat brush.

Blend well so that you don't get any sharp edges. This creates a professional finish.

Applying concealer under the eyes

6. Concealer 

If you do have any discoloration on your skin, such as under-eye discoloration, this is a great way to cover it up. Really, we're thinking about wedding photos here, and where there might be shadows or anything that wouldn't look so good in a photograph.

Stipple the product onto the skin with a brush, in those areas that just need a little extra help. This ensures the skin looks flawless.

Applying mascara to the lower lashes

7. Mascara 

When applying mascara, don't just focus on your upper lashes, also make sure that the lower lashes are nicely defined. Even if you don't have much in the way of lower lashes, this really does make a difference.

Applying highlighter to the brow bone

8. Highlighter 

This is another great tip for wedding photos! Highlighter is wonderful for giving your face shape and definition. It's a subtle product that will catch the light as you turn your face.

Place it onto the brow bones and slightly above the brows as well. You can put a strip down the center of your nose to make your nose look thinner and then up onto the top of the cheekbones.

Applying blush to the cheeks with fingers

9. Blush 

Choose a blush that matches your skin tone: cool or warm. We've chosen a peach color for the model's warm-toned skin, which will also complement her pink mother of the bride outfit.

You can apply the blush and then once you've applied the lipstick, have a quick look in the mirror to make sure it looks balanced. Build blush up slowly to get the right balance.

If you haven't got quite enough on, then your face will look a bit pale and wan, and if you've got too much on, you'll look a bit like a painted doll, which is not a pretty look. You want a lovely subtle wash of color.

I love the moment we apply the blush because it really does bring the whole face to life.

Applying lip primer to lips

10. Lip primer 

Yes, this is our third primer! Lip primer will stop your lipstick from feathering and bleeding into the lines around your mouth. It makes your lipstick look better and last longer - very important for weddings.

Applying lipstick with a lip brush

11. Lipstick 

If you really want your lipstick to look wonderful and last, apply it with a lip brush. I also suggest that you do layers; apply, then blot, and repeat to build up lasting color. Lipstick is probably the one thing that you will have to retouch during the day.

We've gone for a soft coral color, which matches well with the rose gold eye makeup and peachy blush, as well as the mother of the bride outfit we're keeping in mind.

Applying lip gloss to lips

12. Lip shine 

Finally, add a little dot of gloss to make lips shine.

Mother of the bride makeup

Mother of the bride makeup tutorial

Now our mother of the bride makeup is complete and our model is ready for her daughter's wedding! The shades of makeup complement both her skin tone as well as the outfit that she will be wearing. What do you think of this natural mother of the bride makeup look?

Products used:

Smooth Like Silk Face Prime

Foundation Brush 3

Continuous Cover Foundation

Smooth Out Eye Prime

Concealer Brush 4

Bring Back Brow Shape

Eyebrow Brush 6

No Shimmer Eye Shade

Shadow Blending Brush 7

Wedge Shadow Brush 8

Fabulous Lash Mascara

Instant Bright Highlight

Real Radiance Blush

Never Feather Lip Prime

Lustrous Colour Lipstick

Shadow & Lip Brush 5

Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine

Suggested materials:
  • Face primer
  • Foundation
  • Eye primer
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