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You've probably seen the animal shape covers for iphones and tablets done in felt on Pinterest! I think these are so adorable! There are lots of different kinds of doggies and I especially like the pugs. My dearest best friend loved pugs and raised a few before she passed. Every time I see anything related to pugs I think of her and I miss her everyday!

There are quite a few versions of doggy tablets - mostly in foreign languages. So I came up with my version of a pug tablet cover!

I really had to adjust the sizes of the pieces and do a bit of tweaking for my Amazon Fire tablet size.

Let's begin by measuring the width and height of the Amazon Fire tablet and then add one inch to the width (4 1/2" + 1") for seam allowance on the 18"x12" felt. If you have an iphone or ipad, etc. you can adjust your measurements and resize the pieces to make the cover that suits you.

Then cut out the felt to measure 18" x 5 1/2"

Next, make a pocket for the tablet

adjusting the flap where the pug head will go.

Run a bead of Fabri-Tac fabric glue along the pocket seams and clamp in place until dry.

Next, using the pinterest patterns, copy to word to adjust the sizes (I had to lengthen the ears to fold over) and then cut out.

Next, cut out all the pug pieces in felt using the image as a guide for colors to assemble the head.

Gluing on the pug face pieces:

1. Glue on the head.

2. Next glue on the muzzle.

3. And then the mouth (that curls up)

4. And the nose w/nostrils

5. Add the outline of the eyes (brown) with the white eyeballs

6. And then the gold color pupils

7. Next add the blackness of the pupils

8. And then the white dots for glare.

9. Add the brow wrinkles - eye expressions over eyes

10. And finally, the ears (shape bottom around head) and fold over to glue

11. Trim the flap side edges round

12. And finally add stick-on velcro closures

This is for you, Sandra! Love you always!

Suggested materials:
  • Heavy duty felts (multi-colors)   (Craft store)
  • Fabri-Tac glue
  • Clamps
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