How to Use the Oil Cleansing Method to Clear Your Skin

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Today, I’m going to be sharing how an oil cleanse helped clear up my skin when it was really inflamed. I’m very blessed, as I haven’t had any issues with acne before, but after eating a lot of oily, processed, fatty foods, my skin started to flare up really bad.

I decided to test out the oil cleansing method and get into the routine of oil cleansing my face every day consistently.

Benefits of oil cleansing

The oil cleansing method is when you use oil to cleanse your skin. Rather than stripping your face and skin of oil, you’re actually using oil to cleanse it, which is where the benefits of oil cleansing come in.

Because you’re not stripping your face of oil, your skin doesn’t need to keep producing an excess of oil. Instead, it balances your skin’s natural sebum production to prevent your skin from being really oily or really dry.

Tools and materials:

  • Tincture bottle
  • Hazelnut or castor oil
  • Olive oil
  • Face cloth
  • Warm water
Does castor oil clear skin?

Oil cleanse recipe

Mix together a ratio of ⅔ hazelnut or castor oil and ⅓ olive oil. 

Oil cleansing method

How to oil cleanse

1. Apply the oil

Wash your face first with just a bit of water, then pat dry. Gently rub the oil into your skin. Rub it into your pores, down your neck, and even on your chest if you have pimples there too.

Leave the solution on for 5-10 minutes, depending on how deep of a cleanse you want.

Is oil cleansing good for acne?

2. Steam your skin

Get a really warm, damp face cloth and set it on your face to steam and draw out the impurities in your skin. Leave for at least a minute.

This is the routine I did for over two months. Because the method is natural, it’s not going to be as quick as taking medication, but I found it really worked to clear up and heal my skin. I was so happy and amazed at the results. 

Oil cleansing for the face

3. Dab away excess oil

After you’ve steamed, use a corner of the cloth and dab away any excess oil. You might want to leave a tiny bit of oil residue on your skin to act as a moisturizer, but if you have really dry skin, you’ll want to follow up with a facial moisturizer anyway.

Before the oil cleansing method

Oil cleansing before and after

After the oil cleansing method

Results of the oil cleansing method

Oil cleansing method tutorial

The cool thing about the oil cleansing method is that you can buy a kit online or make it at home. It’s so easy to make and is incredibly effective.

Additionally, I began to eat cleaner. I did a green juice cleanse and changed my palate away from all the greasy, takeaway foods I was eating. This helped to reset my body and taste palate to enjoy healthy foods again which helped my skin a lot.

The skin is the window to the inside of your body. Your skin will always be the first to show inflammation in the gut, so if your skin is inflamed, your gut is probably inflamed and is trying to expel those toxins through the digestive system.

So, don’t underestimate changing up your diet to one that’s full of very clean, no processed foods. You’ll notice a huge improvement in your skin.

Let me know down below what you do for your skincare routine and if you have tips and tricks I could add to my own!

Suggested materials:
  • Tincture bottle
  • Hazelnut or castor oil
  • Olive oil
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