Blazers in the Summer

by Glamorouslady_x

I’ve previously discussed my love of blazers and how versatile I think they can be. they can be great in the winter and colder months. However, they are also brilliant in the summer. They can be worn as an extra layer to shield from the wind. This is especially accurate if you leave the house early in the morning and/or will be coming back later at night when the temperatures are always lower than during the day.

An absolute must in my opinion, for any wardrobe is a black blazer. I have worn the black blazer in the photograph above with so many outfits and to so many various occasions, all through the autumn, spring and the current summer time. Once again, the blazer in the photo above is a lightweight fabric so it is light enough to just throw over your shoulders to keep you warm in the evening on a night out.

I am linking a very similar blazer to my one- at a very great price!

Every wardrobe also needs one lightweight neutral coloured blazer. The neutral colour will be versatile and will go with every outfit and every pattern and the lightweight fabric would be light enough to act as a cover-up and once you take it off and will need to carry it around with you during the day, will not cause too much of hindrance.

I have been wearing blazers a lot this season, especially over shorter styles such as shorts or mini dresses. They make an otherwise daring outfit look more presentable and they also give the illusion of a longer length.

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