How to Wear an Oversized Blazer: 5 Easy-to-Style Outfit Formulas

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

I’m going to show you how to wear an oversized blazer in five fail-proof ways. I have five formulas that I use to easily put together a casual outfit with an oversized blazer. These formulas are really versatile, and when using them, it’s easy to switch out items to get a completely different look.

Formula 1 - Oversized blazer + mini dress

Monochrome oversized blazer outfit

I am kicking it off with the first formula, which is pretty simple - an oversized blazer plus a mini dress. I love pairing a blazer with a bodycon mini dress like this outfit here and going full monochrome for a very sleek and chic look. 

Bold print mini dress with a blazer

Or you can play around with colors and wear a bold color mini dress, maybe one with a pattern, have fun with it. 

How to style an oversized blazer

This formula is great for ladies like me who have shorter legs and a longer torso because it makes your legs look longer. It’s also great if you’re a shorter lady because it draws attention to your legs and makes them look longer.

It’s such a simple look that you can either dress up or dress down, and there are so many different color combinations that you can try out. 

Formula 2 - Oversized blazer + shirt dress

White mini shirt dress with a gingham blazer

Formula two, another pretty simple one, is a shirt dress plus an oversized blazer. I separated these from a mini dress because shirt dresses come in many lengths and sizes.

So, you can opt for a mini shirt dress that is oversized like this one here. I paired it with a gingham blazer which is great for the spring.

Oversized blazer with a shirt dress

Alternatively, you could wear a midi-length or maxi-length shirt dress, which honestly, depending on the dress, could even be work-appropriate if it’s a casual business setting. 

Oversized blazer outfit ideas

You could go with a neutral color or an obnoxiously bold color like this one here. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, and then you can also dress it up with heels or dress it down with flats. This dress is a bodycon fitted shirt dress, and I love it.

Formula 3 - Oversized blazer + crop top + pants

Oversized blazer with a crop top and pants

This one is a great go-to for us long torso ladies because you can wear some high-waisted pants with a crop top and oversized blazer. If you have a shorter torso, you could also opt for more of a mid-rise pant or low-rise, whatever is best for your body type. 

Oversized blazer outfit with a crop top

You could go for a chic minimalist look, or have fun with colors and go for a bold printed blazer like this pink plaid one that I’m wearing and then just pair it with jeans and a simple crop top. 

Blazer, crop top, and jeans outfit

There are so many different ways to style this.

Formula 4 - Oversized blazer + tucked in top + shorts

Shorts and oversized blazer outfit

This formula pairs a fitted top tucked into shorts with an oversized blazer. You can wear this in the fall and winter for a chic night look like this look. If the weather is cooler, it would look really cute with some black tights.

How to style an oversized blazer in summer

Or you could style this formula for the spring or summer like this one, with a bold or bright colored top. This here is a casual option with sneakers. 

Date night look with an oversized blazer

You can also dress it up for a night out like this outfit here - bam! These are more of a short-short paired with a fitted bodysuit, and you can wear this for a cute little date night look.

If you have a longer torso, you can opt for a high-rise or a mid-rise if you have a shorter torso.

Formula 5 - Oversized blazer + loose fit top + pants

Casual oversized blazer oufit

I feel like this is a classic, kind of timeless option, which is pairing an oversized blazer with a loose-fit top and some pants. 

Oversized blazer with a graphic tee

Again, very flexible, you can wear this many ways, whether it’s with a loose-fit graphic tee, a loose-fit sweatshirt tucked in, or with straight-legged jeans or trousers, cargo pants, whatever your heart desires. Play around with different styles. 

How to wear an oversized blazer

This outfit is perfect for going to the airport and still feeling like a badass. I feel like a rockstar in this outfit. But this is great, especially if you want something loose and comfy that you can move around in.

How to wear an oversized blazer

Hopefully, this lookbook has given you some inspiration and new ideas of ways to style oversized blazers.

Fashion is all about experimenting with different styles, textures, fits, and colors, so I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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