14 Oversized Blazer Outfit Ideas For the Summer

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

In this style guide, I’m going to be showing you some oversized blazer outfit ideas for summer. I previously did a styling tutorial on how to wear an oversized blazer, so this time we're focusing more on summery outfits.

I know that blazers aren’t your standard summer piece, but I think they can be a great addition for an evening or a chillier day.

Monochrome blazer outfit

1. Monochrome cutout

My first blazer is this vintage Calvin Klein one, and in this outfit, I decided to style it as part of a set with black pleated pants. To make the look more interesting, I paired it with a cutout bodysuit, and to finish the look, I have a pair of heels and a little black bag. The bodysuit adds some flair to this monochrome look.

Wearing an oversized blazer as a top

2. Oversized blazer as a top

Another way you can wear a two-piece suit is without any first layer at all; this is a great outfit for when you want to look dressed-up yet keep it simple at the same time. For the summer, I think it's nice to bring a pop of color, so here I have a bright green bag and some lace-up sandals in a matching shade. I styled the sandals by wrapping the straps around my ankle over the pants. The net material of the bag is also a great summer material. 

White oversized blazer outfit with jeans

3. Oversized blazer with jeans

Here I am once again styling a blazer as a top without any first layer. I’ve paired the blazer with some wide-leg light blue jeans that are such a light shade that they almost look white, and this outfit gives off a monochrome look. Light denim is also a great material for the summer.

Oversized blazer with leather shorts

4. Oversized blazer with leather shorts

For the next look, I wanted to style something leather, so I went with a pair of leather Bermuda shorts. I styled them with a black blazer and one-strap white top. You can wear this outfit in the daytime without a blazer and then add the blazer in the evening to smarten up your look. I added some green sandals for a pop of color.

Oversized blazer with leather pants

5. Oversized blazer with leather pants

This outfit is another way that you can style leather and a blazer for the summer. Here I’ve gone for a tube top, paired with leather pants and flat sandals. You can wear any type of bralette with this outfit, and it will add an element of sexiness to it, peeking out from under the blazer.

White and beige oversized blazer outfit

6. White and beige summer blazer look

Here I went for a white monochrome look but added a touch of black in the form of my shoes and sunglasses to make it more interesting. The pants I’ve gone for are also more beige than white, which keeps the look fresh and adds more depth.

Black and white oversized blazer outfit

7. Black and white blazer outfit

Up next, I’ve styled some black pleated pants with a simple black top and a white blazer. The blazer is in a nice light cotton fabric which is very summer-appropriate. The pants are also loose fitting, and they move around as I walk, making them very comfortable to wear in warmer weather. A green clutch bag completes the look.

Hot pink oversized blazer outfit

8. Hot pink blazer

Here I wanted to style my new pink blazer, so I teamed it with a pair of blue jeans as I think that the bold pink with the soft blue makes a really nice color combination. Keeping the rest of the outfit black allows the blazer to shine. 

Styling an oversized blazer with jeans

9. Black blazer with blue jeans

This outfit is the same as the last, except I swapped out the pink blazer for a black one. It still looks very stylish and cohesive. 

How to style an oversized blazer

10. Pop of color underneath

Here I’m wearing a gorgeous orange halterneck top which is a divine color to wear in the summer. I styled it with a gray blazer, some black pants, and black sandals. This outfit looks classy but relaxed.

90s-style oversized blazer outfit

11. Bucket hat vibes

In this outfit, I kept the orange top but switched the pants for shorts, the gray blazer for a black one, and I also added a nylon bucket hat. Bucket hats are on-trend for this summer and help to create a gorgeous vacation vibe with this look. 

How to wear an oversized blazer

12. White blazer, black dress

We’ve finally arrived at the dresses and skirts. Here I’m wearing a black bodycon midi dress with a cutout at the waist. This is a super simple and minimalistic black and white look, and I think a blazer worn over a dress is a timeless outfit schema. 

Oversized summer blazer outfit

13. Pink and white summer blazer outfit

In this outfit, I’m wearing a separate white top and skirt that I paired with a bright pink blazer. Even if you are a minimalist when it comes to fashion and lean more toward neutrals, I think that it can still be nice to include some bright colors in your summer wardrobe.

What to wear with an oversized blazer

14. Skirt over pants trend

In the final look, I decided to explore the skirts over pants trend. I’m wearing the same black bodycon cutout dress as before and have styled it with some cream pants underneath. This style might not be to everyone's liking, but I really like how the dress and pants look together. 

Oversized blazer outfit ideas for summer

There we have fourteen different oversized blazer outfit ideas. If you find yourself always styling your blazer in the same way, I hope that this lookbook will encourage you to try a new look as there are so many options out there.

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