How to Look Polished and Stylish Without Spending a Penny

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Are you wondering how to look stylish without spending anything?

I am going to share some of my favorite tips for putting together polished, elegant looks with clothes you already own.

Let’s go over some of the ways the most stylish women manage to always look their best.

How to look polished

1. Rule of 3

In arts, in general, 3 is the magic number. Having 3 key elements will reflect a more remarkable image. 

How to look polished

Add a blazer as a 3rd element to a nice top and pants. Or pull a nice top over a dress and add a pair of gorgeous heels.

How to look polished

2. Mindset

Stylish women never dress for their body type or their age. They know their bodies and styles well and they don’t get trapped in rules.

Getting bogged down by rules will leave your wardrobe feeling flat and repetitive. You are the only person who has to love what you’re wearing.

Being true to yourself is essential to quality style.

How to look polished

3. Create contrast

Stylish women don’t shy away from contrast.

Allow yourself to mix fun and interesting pieces into your look. You can wear contrasting textiles, or a statement piece with a bright color or pattern.

Add an edgy piece to a formal look or vice versa.

How to look polished

4. Caution around trends

It’s hard to create a lasting style when you’re overly concerned with what is trending at any given time.

There’s nothing wrong with trends, but they tend to be short-lived. Keeping up with trends can be expensive and excessive.

Be true to who you are while experimenting with the occasional trend when desired.

How to look polished

5. Take risks

Stylish women are not afraid of being themselves. That is what is so fascinating about them.

They like to look unique and stand out. It’s a display of confidence that is evident in their clothing style.

How to look polished

6. Wear your clothes in different ways

Women who are stylish wear their pieces in a new way every time they dress. They create different compositions with the same items.

Whether it’s the way they wear their accessories, or where they place things, they are always coming up with new and fresh ideas for each piece.

How to look polished

7. Don’t wear basics

Basics can mean different things to different people. What makes something a basic item is shape, color, and texture.

A truly basic item will be basic in those 3 elements. Stylish women don’t wear basic clothing that is basic in shape, color, and texture.

They will use a piece that has one or two of those elements but with a 3rd element that makes it unique and interesting.

How to look polished

8. Wear color – but not as you know it

Stylish women don’t limit their color palettes based on colors that work with their complexions or styles. They chose colors the way a painter would.

Colors that flatter your skin tones can make a difference in the clothes nearest to your face, but otherwise, it’s mainly about what appeals to you.

How to look polished

One pop of color catches the eye and becomes a focal point and this is easy to achieve. Two colors divide the attention and it becomes busy.

When you wear multiple colors, there is no focal point. Interestingly, this eases the eye.

How to look polished

An outfit composed of neutrals that belong to the same family of color can be an interesting combination. Your eyes rest on the entire outfit as a whole. N

eutrals can be divided into two categories. There are regular neutrals and there are rich neutrals. Neutrals that have depth and richness to them can work much more effectively. A unique silhouette can turn a simple neutral-colored shirt into a point of interest.

How to look polished

Finding your personal style isn’t instantaneous. It takes time to find what works best for you, and odds are, your style will always be evolving. Be true to yourself and what you like to exude confidence.

Do you have any go-to rules for looking polished and fabulous? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

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