The Perfect Guide on How to Style a Blazer

Black blazers are just…. elegant, fun, sophisticated, and a must-have item in any closet. There are so many ways to style a black blazer; the looks are endless. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you my top favorite looks on how to style a black blazer. I feel this is a classic, timeless piece that blends so well with literally whatever you have on. Also, these outfits call for easy blazer styling since everything I'm going to show you is so versatile and fun. Keep on scrolling and get inspired with these black blazer-style outfits. Let's do this!

Blazer style

Pair with jeans and a tan sweater

Easy blazer style

The beautiful Hailey Bieber inspires this outfit. Together with my blazer, I'm wearing a cream mock neck sweater, and I pulled the sleeves out from underneath. The sweater is easy to layer, especially if you live in a cold environment like me, you can wear long underwear underneath, and no one would notice! I'm wearing high-waisted mom jeans that fit so snug! They are also ripped at the knee - which is really stylish. I paired them with a stunning pair of tan boots with a black toe. I tucked my jeans in to give it that slouchy effect, and I accessorized this look with a brown leather bag and a pair of hip sunglasses.

Style a blazer

Pair with casual sweatpants

If you're having a relaxed set up, then this look is for you! If you want to be comfy but look cute, then the easiest way is to pair a sweatshirt with a pair of sweatpants.

blazer styling

I folded the sweatshirt upwards so that I don't look frumpy. Since I'm petite, I need to be careful with oversized items. Next, I added a pair of dark brown chunky sneakers and, of course, my handy blazer. As you can see, the blazer elevates the whole look. I finished off the look with a NY hat and put my hair up in a bun with a scrunchie. I just love this blazer style! 

Styling a blazer

Pair with a black striped shirt

This is a semi-casual look. I'm styling a black blazer with a classic black and white striped shirt with a button-down plain black sweater over. I paired it with these blue Levi jeans. I love this regular denim color; I feel like this is a staple item to have in your closet because it's a classic denim color. I put my black blazer over and hid the collar from the sweater that I'm wearing underneath.

Outfits with blazers

So, basically, what you see is the blazer's collar. This is so cute, it surely is functional as it keeps me warm, and I just love the overall look. It's totally cute! I wore plain black ankle-high boots with this outfit. It definitely gives it a more elegant vibe, but you can aim for a more casual look by wearing plain white sneakers if you want to be super comfortable. Also, for a more sophisticated feel, loafers would look exquisite with this outfit.

Style a black blazer

Pair with leather pants

Date night, here we come! I personally think this outfit just gives off the "wow" factor. Even though everything is black, I opted for different textures to give a chic, uniformed look. I'm wearing a ribbed black bodysuit and snake-skin textured black leather pants. This time, I wore the blazer a little differently; I draped it over my shoulders, giving the outfit a more elegant vibe.

Black blazer style

Since everything is black, I added a fun twist by wearing bright red heels boots. I wanted to break the monotonic ensemble, and I think these heels just elevate the whole outfit. It looks so glam!

There you have it, 4 amazing, classic yet stylish outfits with blazers! What look is your favorite? I honestly love all these looks; it's hard for me to decide. They each serve a purpose and can be categorized for various occasions! I hope you enjoyed this style guide!  

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