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Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

When I started my Instagram, it was really just to prepare me for what I really wanted to do, i.e. start a YouTube channel. I was so surprised to find that I loved taking outfit photos and I discovered a wonderful community of fashion lovers online.

I'm by no means an Instagram expert and I'm definitely not a model but I've learnt a few tricks along the way that might be of use to you if you're interested in documenting your outfits.

If you're nervous about taking outfit pictures outside where there might be *gasp* PEOPLE, the obvious solution is to start indoors! We've been in our house for less than a year and it's slowly coming together but there still aren't that many pretty areas to choose from when taking photos.

Create your own pretty and portable background by posing next to a vase of flowers. Crop the image so that you see the flowers and the outfit but not any light switches or other unsightly essentials.

Mirror selfies are a popular way of documenting outfits and they do well on Instagram. It's even better with a beautiful mirror but as long as the outfit's on point you'll be fine. However, there are a few things you need to remember:

  • Clean the mirror beforehand! It's so embarrassing when you snap a pic and then realise how dirty your mirror is, because it shows up much better on camera.
  • Tidy the space around you. If there's something behind you like wires/plug sockets, hide it with something simple and cute like this belly basket.
  • I struggle with this one because I always drop my phone! But if you can, take the picture from down low. It'll be more flattering and make you look taller.
  • Never take a mirror selfie with the mirror facing the light source! It'll make the picture really dark. You might be able to fix it when editing later but it's easier to just move the mirror when shooting. That's why I haven't fixed my mirror to the wall.

Feeling brave enough to venture outside for photos but stuck in lockdown? Use your back garden!

When it snowed recently, I quickly did my hair and makeup and found a corner of the garden that looked pretty. Luckily my husband is a photographer, so I got him to take the photos and he got this great shot where he framed me inside the bird house! But if you don't feel comfortable asking someone to photograph you, set your camera or phone up on a tripod and put it on a timer. You'll probably find you can relax more without someone else there anyway.

Woohoo, you made it to a public place!

I started my fashion account during the first lockdown here in the UK so I found the easiest thing to do was to take pictures on our daily walk. Like at home, find yourself a pretty background (much easier out in nature!) and either use a tripod or enlist someone as a photographer.

As a short person who does not particularly like her legs, I like to cross one leg over the other when taking full-body photos and I point my toe forward. This makes my legs look longer.

In the original version of this photo, I do look short because the photo was taken from a higher point, but I just cropped it and I found that worked well. I don't look especially tall here either but it helps! (Can you tell from this photo that I'm only 5 foot?)

When you've taken a few outfit photos, you'll learn which poses and expressions you like best so the best piece of advice I can give you is that practice makes perfect. Enjoy taking your fashion photos!

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