How to Wear Winter Coats & Jackets: 8 Different Styles of Outerwear

Lizzy Capps
by Lizzy Capps

Today, we're talking about how to wear winter coats and jackets. One of my favorite things about winter fashion has got to be the coats.

A coat isn’t just something that keeps you warm - no, no, no! A coat carries with it a ton of style and can be just as important to your outfit as any other piece that you’re wearing.

In this lookbook, I’ve got a ton of different coat styles, and I’m going to show you how to wear the different styles.

How to style an oversized blazer

1. Blazer

A blazer is not technically a coat, but still, it's a piece of outerwear nonetheless. Here, I contrasted the masculine, boxy fit of the blazer with a sexy little bralette and threw a pair of heels in to seal the deal.

How to style a funky winter coat

2. Brown croc-print trench coat 

This next coat is just oozing with character. The croc-print trench coat has so much personality to it that it doesn’t need much embellishment. I kept the rest of the outfit simple with a white monochrome base.

What to wear with a coat in winter

Here I’m wearing the same coat again to give you another idea of how you can style it. The top and pants here are much darker but are still very neutral, basic pieces.

Whereas the previous look was more high-contrast, this is more of a blending of similar tones.

Oversized leather jacket with a silk dress

3. Oversized leather jacket

This next jacket I snatched from my dad’s wardrobe! I love the juxtaposition of the big, masculine coat against this mini silk dress. I also really like how they finish at around the same length.

Styling a leather jacket in winter

Here we’ve got the leather jacket again, this time with a simple white crop top and a pair of loose jeans; a combination that you can’t go wrong with. I added in some cheeky pops of color with the red heels and the bag.

Casual winter coat outfit

4. Charcoal gray duster coat

This is a very laidback, everyday kind of look that is super easy to throw together. I’ve got on some black leggings, white sneakers, and a gray hoodie. 

How to dress up a winter coat

Here I have the same coat again, but this time more dressed up with some high-heeled boots and a cute satin corset. I finished the look off with a black leather back that has a thick gold chain.

Classic trench coat outfit

5. Camel trench

A camel trench coat is a classic that will never go out of style. Black and camel complement each other really well, so here I’ve paired the coat with a little black dress with a sexy little slit at the front.

The black bag with gold details is the perfect accessory for this look as the gold ties into the camel tone.

How to style a classic camel trench coat

For an elevated everyday look, tuck some baggy jeans into your high-heeled booties to take them up a notch. Then, throw on a white blouse and tuck it in on one side. I really like how all of the elements in this outfit are classic, timeless, and always work well together.

How to wear an aviator coat

6. Gray aviator coat

Next up, I went for some laidback neutral tones, pairing gray sweatpants with a white crop top and this gray aviator coat. I love the coat’s metallic sheen and its soft, cozy inside.

Styling a winter puffer jacket

7. Green puffer jacket

Another cozy one here with a green puffer jacket. If you’re all about comfort, a coat with a fluffy lining to it like this one is one to look out for.

I contrasted the puffiness of the coat with some leggings for a proportional look.

Casual winter coat outfits

Another easy outfit here, I went for light neutral tones with some white cropped denim jeans, white sneakers, and a beige turtleneck sweater. Beige and khaki go together really well - try it out!

Cute winter coat outfits

8. Cropped leather jacket

Our final piece is this cropped leather jacket, which gives me rocker and punk vibes.

Here, I put together an outfit with a little bit of edge by going with a cartoon t-shirt and a printed skirt with a slit up one side (you can probably tell by now I like my slitted skirts!)

Cute winter jacket outfits

Here again, I added some edge with a pair of high-waisted, flared snake-print pants. I feel that the leather jacket has quite a lot of attitude to it, so it works really well with bold pieces like this.

How to wear winter coats and jackets

There we have lots of ideas for how to wear a winter coat or jacket. Whatever your style is, there is a winter coat out there for you!

I picked up lots of my coats in thrift stores, so I would definitely recommend having a look in your local one to see if there is a funky coat waiting there for you.

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