14 Cool Ways to Style Parka Outfits: Grungy, Casual, Feminine & More

This tutorial is all about parka outfit. A parka coat is a great versatile piece to have in your wardrobe; practical and utilitarian, yet on-trend at the same time.

Stuck for ideas of how to style one? Here are 14 ways that you can wear a parka coat.

How to style a parka with a denim dress

1. Comfy one & done

You can wear almost any piece year-round by clever layering.

Dress a denim shirt dress for winter with fishnet socks and combat boots. Then, add a parka jacket to embrace the one-and-done look. Update this outfit by pairing it with sunglasses and a clutch.

Edgy parka outfit with combat boots

2. Stripy theme

Layer up your sweater dress with varsity-striped crew socks, combat boots, and then add a parka and a leopard-print scarf for an edgy, casual look.

The stripes on top matched with the stripes on the bottom create a unified aesthetic. 

How to wear a parka in winter

3. Print & play

Wondering what to wear in winter? Try out some fun combos of prints and textures. Style your red plaid flannel shirt with fishnet socks, black skinny jeans, and monk shoes.

Complete this combo with the leopard-print inner parka and fishnet fringe scarf.

Punk-rock parka coat outfit

4. Punk rock

Mix up a red check shirt dress, a black and white striped sweater, fishnet socks, and combat boots.

Belt your waist for definition and then, work a punk-rock-inspired outfit by adding a leopard print inner parka.

Black, white, and green parka outfit

5. Black & white

Simply wear a black and white striped top with black slim-leg pants, then edge up this combo with fishnet socks and Mary Jane shoes.

Finally, add a green parka jacket and a black fishnet scarf to make it all fit together.

French-inspired parka outfit

6. French chic

Just by changing up your bottoms and footwear, you get a kind of casual French chic style.

The bell-bottom jeans will visually lengthen your legs and increase your confidence. Pair with a red check scarf to bring an interesting and fun element.

What to wear with a parka jacket

7. Change up the footwear

Wear a beige turtleneck, and remember to tuck it in to get a polished and elegant look. Next, change up your footwear to a pair of brown booties, and then you have this chic and casual look.

Parka jacket outfit ideas

8. Chic and casual

Style up a beige turtleneck with ripped mom jeans to make you look casual and relaxed. Then, go sleek and color-coordinated with milky ankle boots.

How to wear a parka with heels

9. Nude pumps

A pair of nude heel pumps absolutely can make your parka outfit feminine and gorgeous. Roll up the bottoms of your jeans to draw attention to your added height and elongated legs. 

Casual parka jacket outfit ideas

10. Mom jeans & heels

Feel some refreshing vibes by pairing a black turtleneck with some blue mom jeans. The striped scarf has in it the same shade as the nude pumps, and the two play well together.

You can easily turn your look around with scarves for a small amount of money.

How to dress up a parka outfit

11. Slides

Dress up your comfy daytime look with these black and white two-tone fur slides.

The leopard-print inner parka pairs seamlessly with the leopard scarf and makes two disparate patterns work within one outfit.

Classic grungy parka outfit

12. Long hoodie

Neutral colors range from black, white, navy, green, gray, and all of the colors in between. You can throw on any of these items in pretty much any combo with sweaters, jeans, and combat boots and look put together.

Embellished with a blue scarf, this outfit looks modern, fresh, and trendy.

How to wear a parka with a hoodie

13. Double necklines

Try pairing black skinnies, a black turtleneck, and a gray hoodie, then finish it off with the parka jacket. The two necklines complement each other really well. This outfit is the perfect getup for weekends.

Green parka outfit with a pop of red

14. Pop of color

Add a little dimension and color with the help of a bright sweater. Drape a red sweater over your shoulders to make create an eye-catching look.

Styling parka outfits

There we have 14 ways to style a parka coat, and there are countless other ways out there.

Don’t fall into the trap of repetitive dressing, be sure to mix and match to create different trendy outfits to wear with your parka.

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