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With it officially being "Shacket" season we have revamped our closets to most literally revolve around this trend.

First, and foremost, we love flannel already, but give it to us oversized with some extra softness in side, and call us "in love".

Second... if it cozy we are here for it!

These are my 3 Favorite ways to wear mine. I have to mention, that even though I am well-rounded at the moment (i.e preggos) all of these looks are non-maternity, so anyone can snag them!

Throw it over workout gear! I have this one piece from Amazon and I love it with my bump, but I have also seen then with a two piece matching set and it is breathtaking! Perfect for running errands and being easy and cozy!

In comes the casual look! The beautiful thing about graphics is they most literally go with anything, que the flannel shacket! I pair this style with leggings, oversized graphic tee, shacket (of course), and some slip on shoes. Probably my most wore outfit of the season.

Monochromatic styles are some of my favorite! It is kind of a way to make the Shacket the center piece of the whole look. I styled it with all white underneath, but all black would also be stunning!!!

Do you have a shacket you love! Tell me what your go-to look is down in the comments!

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