Ski Inspired Jackets

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Now that we are approaching the Fall/Winter season, that also means the cold weather will be heading this way soon. This is good news for some and not such good news for others. If you are someone who loves to ski or snowboard then you are definitely excited for the coming Winter season. One thing I love about the changing of the seasons is the changing fashion trends. Here is one trend that I have not seen go away for quite some time - ski-inspired jackets. Below are a few examples of ski-inspired jackets that will keep you warm and also looking super cute for this new Winter season.

First, is a lighter option. This vest is great for the change from Fall to Winter because it offers some breathability for the warmer days but is also made of fleece to keep you warm on those cooler days. This is great for layering pieces underneither and the options are endless with this type of vest.

Next, is another vest but this one is bulkier and a little heavier than the previous one. This one definitely reminds me of something I would see someone who is skiing or snowboarding wear on warmer winter days. This type of vest is also great for layering.

Lastly, this is a jacket that I have had for a few years now and absolutely love it. I love the ski-inpsired style and how cute it is for some many different winter occasions.

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