This Hack Keeps Your Coat Belt From Falling Off

2 Materials
3 Minutes

Do you have a coat with a tie belt, like mine?

Does it annoy you intensely that although your coat has belt loops, for some reason the belt always seems to fall out of one of the loops and ends up dragging on the floor?

Well, me too! And here’s a hack I found to stop that happening once and for all.

Tools and materials:

  • Coat with tie belt
  • Clothes hanger
Hanging coat

1. Hang it

Take your coat off and hang it over a clothes hanger.

Remove the belt.

Threading belt

2. Thread it

Thread the belt through both belt loops.

Make sure it hangs down evenly on both sides.

Knotting belt

3. Knot it

Hang the coat up so you have both hands free.

Take one of the belt tails over and under the horizontal section of the belt.

Pass the end through the loop you made.

Knotting belt

Pull it tight and knot the other end in the same way.

Make sure the back of the coat is lying flat and not gathered into pleats.

Knotting belt

4. Wear it

Put the coat on again

Wearing coat

This hack keeps your coat belt from falling off

Now you can see the belt is secured at the back. You can still knot it in the front, or leave it open.

Either way, your belt is going to stay evenly threaded and won’t fall out of the loops.

I think that’s a win, don’t you?

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See you all next time!

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Suggested materials:
  • Coat with tie belt
  • Clothes hanger

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