Minimal Winter Layering Done Right - 15 Different Looks

I live in Canada, and it’s pretty freezing here. So, It’s safe to say that I have some expertise when it comes to winter layering. This tutorial is not really going to be capsule-style, like a ten by ten challenge. I don’t want to restrict myself with items because if you want a great winter fashion style, then you need to focus on more layering. So, I will be showing you the different types of outfits you can create using minimal options without staying too restricted. Let’s dive into it!

15 Winter Layered Looks

Winter layering outfits

Look 1

I’m wearing a cropped crew neck white sweatshirt, black leather vegan pants, and a pair of snazzy black heel boots. I chose the heel boots as the sweatshirt is somewhat casual and the heels give the outfit more of a classy, formal feel.

Winter layering guide

Look 2

I turned this into a warmer evening look by throwing on a lovely tan blazer and pulling my sleeves through so that they pop out under the blazer’s sleeves. This outfit gives a classier twist.

Layering clothes for winter

Look 3

Keeping the vegan leather pants and black shoes, I layered a denim shirt with my off-white knit sweater. I like how the knit is not that long, thus giving the shirt to hang out the bottom. The layers just blend so well.

How to wear layers in winter

Look 4

If you are indoors and feeling warm, you can totally give this look a makeover by draping your knit around your back. This gives it an ultra-casual yet sophisticated look.

Layering up for winter

Look 5

For this look, I have created a lapel collar. I wore my Uniqlo heat tech turtleneck. Next, I wore my striped, oversized shirt. I overlapped each side, tucking it in, undid the buttons, and folded the sides, giving it a more sophisticated look. I wore my favorite pair of Doc Martins to finish off the look.

Winter capsule wardrobe

Look 6

Taking the black turtleneck off and wearing the shirt loosely untucked from your pants is also another great option. I draped the black sweater around my shoulders, giving this look a casual feel. I love how versatile this look is as it gives you adjustable warmth.

Striped shirt and sweater

Look 7

If it were colder, I’d untuck the shirt, unloosen the sleeves, and wear my black knit sweater over the shirt; giving it another layered look. Since this particular sweater is quite long and looks a little baggy, I gathered the sweater up until my waist, twirled it in a knot at the back, tied the knot with an elastic, and tucked it in. Like this, the sweater doesn’t overwhelm my petite frame, either. This trick is optional, it’s totally up to you!

Turtleneck and draped sweater

Look 8

I kept the black sweater and draped it across my body. Underneath, I wore a plain white turtleneck; giving the outfit a bold black and white feel. I paired my outfit with a pair of classic white Converse sneakers that totally complement the vibe. I love the clean-cut impression this look gives off!

Black & white winter layers

Look 9

When it’s colder, you can wear your sweater on top, and do a little front tuck right underneath the button of your pants, thus giving you some dimension without losing your waist under the layers.

Denim & black sweater

Look 10

Let’s move on to the denim looks. I swapped the leather pants for straight-leg jeans, put on my black turtleneck, black sweater, and topped the look with a pair of chic black heeled boots. Also, I added a lovely leather belt to add a structured vibe to this look.

Lovely tan blazer

Look 11

If you are going out and want to look dressier, simply swap the sweater for a blazer. Roll the sleeves and let the sweater’s sleeves pop out- giving you a lovely polished look.

White sweatshirt & Converse shoes

Look 12

I love this easy and casual look! I simply swapped the sweater for a white cropped sweatshirt and wore my Converse shoes. This is really a laid-back, yet fun outfit and there’s not much to it!

Canadian tuxedo look

Look 13

Next, I went for a Canadian tuxedo look. This was one option I couldn’t omit from my style guide. I opted for a jean on jean look; wearing a lighter denim shirt; tucking it in under my jeans and rolling the sleeves. I kept the Converse shoes as I thought this style went best with this look. I love how the light denim on the darker denim pants creates a wonderful contrast.

Casual winter layering

Look 14

If you like this look but need a warmer alternative, wear a white turtleneck underneath. You can leave the shirt undone and untucked or loosely button it and tuck it in. There are so many options to play around with thanks to the versatility of these fashion items.

Semi-formal winter layering

Look 15

Lastly, I wore the striped shirt, buttoned it, tucked it in, and finished off by layering my elegant tan blazer over top. I wanted to play around with the sleeves, and I really liked how this looked; I rolled up the blazer sleeves and then rolled up the shirt sleeves over them. This looked like both the blazer and the shirt were one piece. If you don’t want to spruce up your sleeves, you can simply wear them without rolling them, that also looks great!

I hope you enjoyed my 15 winter layering looks. As you can see, you don’t need so many clothes. Even with a few items, you can dress your best fashionably. I love this minimalist approach and I hope I inspired you with some amazing fall/winter looks.

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  • Rachel Jonas Rachel Jonas on Feb 17, 2021

    I love all these outfits!

  • Virginia K. Epperson Virginia K. Epperson on Feb 26, 2021

    ALL your outfits are super cute and even though I am OLD, I would like to try several of the combinations. I'm excited because the blazer looks like my olderr ones I've hung on to for years! Are the boxy, longer ones back in style - minus the shoulder pads? Yah! if so.

    • Julia Lee Julia Lee on Mar 04, 2021

      Thanks Virginia! Age has NOTHING to do with style - I am sure you will look fabulous in your recreations. Would love to see your version of these looks when you try them out!