How to: DIY Tie-Dye Lounge Set in 4 Easy Steps

Abi Dashery
by Abi Dashery
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COVID has changed our lives in lots of different ways, especially the way we dress. Thanks to lockdown, lounge sets have become among the most popular modes of dress this summer. My shop has been selling out like crazy so I figured I’d share my secrets so you can make your own. Here’s how to make a tie-dye lounge set!

Tools and materials:

  • White cotton lounge set
  • Tie-dye colors
  • Elastic bands
  • Gloves
Easy tie-dye lounge set

Dampen your tracksuit 

First things first we need to prepare the lounge set. This step is super simple. Just soak your set in some water and then wring it out so it isn’t too wet. 

Women’s tie-dye lounge set

Scrunch your set 

Lay your damp lounge set out flat and then scrunch it together. Secure with elastic bands. The bands will help keep the scrunched shape of the cotton. 

Make a tie-dye lounge set

Dye it 

This is the part that really lets you get creative. Choose your own colors and combinations. I chose to cover the front half with lilac and the back with a lighter purple. Then, I added some random areas of grey. Remember to keep your lounge set on a rack so that the dye doesn’t gather around it. 

Make a DIY tie-dye lounge set

Finish it up 

For the final steps, leave your lounge set to sit overnight and then rinse them in cold water (with the bands still in place). After that throw them in the washing machine. Once your lounge set is all clean, take off the elastic bands, open it up, and admire your handiwork. 

Easy tie-dye lounge set

There it is! A women’s tie-dye lounge set made completely by you. Don’t you just love that feeling (and look!) of satisfaction at a job well done?

Suggested materials:
  • White cotton lounge set
  • Tie-dye colors
  • Elastic bands
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