How to Make a DIY SKIMS Cozy Dupe Loungewear Set

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a SKIMS cozy dupe bathrobe lounge set inspired by Kim Kardashian’s loungewear brand.

The SKIMS price tag was a little too high for me, so I thought I’d take matters into my own hands and make this beautiful and cozy loungewear set myself. Let’s get to it.

Tools and materials:

  • Fitted tank top with a stretch
  • Pants
  • 4m (4.37 yards) fabric of choice (I’m using stretchy fleece)
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Matching thread
  • Measuring tape

Making the DIY bathrobe

Folding the fleecy fabric for the bathrobe

Fold your fabric in half and eyeball where the fabric will drape down off your shoulders. Then, measure the width. Mine was 24 inches. 

Measuring the length of the robe

Measure your desired length and cut. I wanted mine to be floor-length. 

Marking the center back with a pin

Use a pin to mark the center back. 

Marking the pattern for the bathrobe

Open the fabric and fold the sides to the center. Then, measure 3 inches from the midpoint on both sides and mark with chalk. 

DIY bathrobe pattern

Measure 1.5 inches on either side and connect both points. 

Measuring the bathrobe pattern

Measure 5 inches down from the midpoint and connect that mark to both neckline points. 

Cutting out the bathrobe pattern

Cut along the lines. 

Measuring the amrholes

Measure 11 inches down from the sides and mark the armhole. 

Cutting the armholes

Cut the armhole from the mark upward (on the folded part). 

Pinning the shoulder seams, ready to sew

Pin the shoulder seams and sew with a straight stitch. 

Folding the fabric into 4 layers

Fold your fabric so that you have 4 layers. Measure 11 inches (widthwise) and add 1 inch for seam allowance.  

How to make a bathrobe pattern

Mark 18 inches in length, too. The ends will have a tapered look. 

Cutting out the sleeves for the bathrobe

Cut the sleeve pattern. 

Joining the layers to make the sleeve

Join two layers by sewing the sides together. This will make up one sleeve. 

Pinning the sleeves at the armholes

Pin the sleeves to the armhole areas, right sides facing, and sew to secure. 

Cutting out pockets for the DIY bathrobe

Cut out two rectangular pocket pieces and attach them to the front sides of the DIY bathrobe. Fold the bottom sides inward by ½ inch when pinning. Then, sew all three sides. 

Making the bathrobe tie

Cut two pieces measuring 5 x 54 inches long. These will be for the waist ties. Place them right sides facing and sew one of the short ends. 

Folding the strip ready to sew

Then, fold the strip and sew the edges. Turn it inside out afterward.  

Hemming the bathrobe

Hem the neckline, sleeves, and bottom parts of the DIY bathrobe. Fold it in once and secure with a straight stitch. 

Adding the belt and belt loops

Next, add belt loops on both sides. 

Making the DIY crop top

Folding the fabric and tracing a tank top

Fold your fabric and place your crop top on top. My top’s length was 17 inches. 

Cutting around the tank top

Cut around the shape of the top, leaving a 1-inch seam allowance. 

Cutting out the neckline

Fold both layers to cut out the neckline. Eyeball the shape and make it as low or high as you want.

Sewing the shoulder and side seams

Sew the shoulders and side seams with a straight stitch. 

Finishing the neckline and armholes with bias tape

I didn't hem the bottom, but I finished the neckline and armholes with bias tape. 

Making the loungewear pants

Tracing a pair of pants as the pattern

Fold your pants and pull out the back crotch area. Lay it on your folded fabric and cut along the back crotch shape. 

DIY pants pattern

Now, fold the front crotch and cut it out on the other side of your fabric. 

Cutting out the pants pattern

You should now have two pieces. Join the front crotch right sides together and sew the crotch area. Do the same for the back crotch, too. 

How to make loungewear pants

I didn’t have enough fabric for my pants, so they came out as shorts. I decided to attach two panels on each leg to make them longer. 

How to make DIY loungewear

I attached the extra panel piece to the leg area. This may not be the case for you, though. 

Sewing the pant inseams

Now, sew the inseams together. 

Making a waistband for the pants

Get the circumference of the waist and make a waistband with those measurements. Mine was 47, so I cut out fabric measuring 4 x 47 inches. 

Pinning the waistband to the pants

Pin the waistband to the pants, right sides facing, and sew. Be sure to stitch the short ends of the waistband beforehand. 

Folding the waistband over

Fold the waistband over to the wrong sides by ½ inch. Pin and sew to secure. Leave a gap to insert the elastic. Also, sew the waistband’s edge through the right side, in between the first seam. 

Cutting elastic for the waistband

Cut your elastic to size and feed it through the tunnel with a safety pin. Then, sew the gap closed. 

SKIMS Cozy dupe

DIY SKIMS Cozy dupe tutorial

My DIY loungewear set is complete. What do you think? It’s a pretty good cozy skims dupe, right? The best part is, you don’t even need any loungewear sewing patterns to make this lovely set.

DIY SKIMS Cozy dupe

Thanks for joining me, and let me know what you rhino of this tutorial in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fitted tank top with a stretch
  • Pants
  • 4m (4.37 yards) fabric of choice (I’m using stretchy fleece)
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