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And alas! A brand new sewing project is up on the blog: The Clark Crop Pant. There is a reason that in the first year of The Flora Modiste I didn't sew up a single pair of pants as one of our monthly sewing projects. Why is that, you might ask? Well. Pants are INCREDIBLY difficult to sew. Like, next level difficult.

Aside from the Clark Crop Pant, I have sewn up ONE other pair of pants in my entire life. And that's because I was forced to do so at FIDM. They might not seem that difficult.. Two legs, a waistband, and a center front closure. Easy, right? WRONG.

And I chose to go the easy route with this sewing project and closed it up with buttons instead of a zipper.. But I'm actually not sure how much easier it really was, after finishing up with the sewing. When I started sewing up the Clark Crop Pant, it really was quick and easy. But when I got to the buttoned fly.. That's when things began to get difficult, and I really started to slow down.

And it's even MORE difficult when sewing a zipper into the fly of a pair of pants on a sewing project. If you are wearing a pair of pants right now, appreciate that fly that allows you to open & close said pants.

Pant flies truly are incredibly difficult to sew, and also pretty difficult to draft correctly in the first place. So, appreciate them.

I was also surprised by how difficult this month's sewing project tutorial was for me: How to sew belt loops on a pair of pants. Yes, we all have used belt loops in our lives. Whether it's on a pair of jeans or on a pair of slacks like the Clark Crop Pant.. They are a staple construction detail when it comes to modern pants.

I actually wasn't even going to add belt loops to the Clark, but it looked weird without them. It's one of those details where it isn't absolutely necessary.. But if it isn't included then the whole garment is going to look off.

So I decided to add the belt loops, and make it this month's sewing project tutorial.

Because, before this sewing project, I had never ACTUALLY sewn a pair of belt loops in my life. Yes, I have repaired them (many times) but I've never actually created them. And it was surprisingly (& unpleasantly) difficult. SO. Stay tuned next week for the full tutorial on how to sew belt loops on a pair of pants! Definitely not as easy as it sounds.

But anyways. The Clark Crop Pant! As I mentioned above, this is the first pair of pants I have sewn on The Flora Modiste because pants really are just so difficult to sew. And I don't like them. I was actually a bit traumatized after sewing up my first pair at FIDM.. And after this sewing project I now clearly remember why.

BUT. We all need pants, right? In the modern age, pants are pretty much a staple in any women's wardrobe. So they have to be made. And once I finally finished sewing up the Clark Crop Pant, I was SO happy with them. I don't know what it is.. But I feel badass when I'm wearing them. And empowered.

It's almost like the pants are a statement piece because of the bold stripes.. And I absolutely love it. There isn't a single piece in my closet that remotely resembles the Clark Crop Pant.

The pants are high wasted, and fall just below the knee. They are definitely more of a wide legged crop pant, and are so comfy it's ridiculous. The waistband has the aforementioned belt loops, which can be used for a decorative belt or when one is actually needed.

Why? Simply because it's an easier closure to sew. Sewing a zippered fly on any sewing project is difficult.. And I really didn't want to mess with that after having not sewn a single pair of pants in 6+ years. So buttons it is!

Originally, when I designed the Clark Crop Pant, I had envisioned round patch pockets on the backside. But once I sewed up the muslin sample, I realized I kept trying to put my hands in inseam side pockets. So I decided to add inseam side pockets.

Because who doesn't love pockets? (BTW--We have a sewing project tutorial ALL about how to sew inseam pockets.)

But once I had essentially finished the pants--I thought they looked phenomenal with just the inseam pockets. And that adding the rounded patch pockets might be JUST too much. So I nixed them.

(Ready to learn how to sew belt loops on a pair of pants? It's definitely not as easy as it sounds, so make sure to grab your downloadable sewing tutorial below!)

The Clark Crop Pant is so incredibly comfy.. The waistband falls at just the right height--Not too high on the waist (or too tight) but not too low on the hip. The flare of the pants is also just the right amount. Too much and it would look like I'm from the 70's, but I feel like I nailed it.

Also, STRIPES. Need I say more? It was a bit challenging to match the stripes along the center front & back.. But I MADE that happen.

(BTW. I did a sewing project tutorial earlier this year on how to sew with stripes.. Check it out if you love stripes as much as I do!)

And honestly, while I LOVE the fit of the Clark Crop Pant.. I think the stripes make it.

The fabric itself is just a basic lightweight cotton canvas. And while it's lightweight enough to not feel bulky, it's also heavy enough to hold its shape and work well as a pant. And while yes, the fabric is fairly lightweight when it comes to canvas.. It was also seriously difficult to hand sew with.

An absolute dream to machine sew with (i.e. Side seams, serger stitching, etc.) but it was incredibly difficult to sew buttons & buttonholes with. (ICYMI, we ALSO have a sewing project tutorial up on how to sew a button.)

Like.. It took me an hour to sew 6 buttonholes. (The machine kept sticking because of the heaviness of the canvas.)

And then another hour to sew 6 buttons. (The fabric was just SO thick after interfacing both layers of the fly.. My fingers were absolutely raw after finishing.) But alas..

And as I said before, I just feel BADASS when I wear these pants. I can't wait to continue wearing them this Fall!

And finally.. The namesake for the Clark Crop Pant.

This month's sewing project is named after Emilia Clark.. I absolutely love this woman. You may have noticed? A few of our sewing projects from the last year have been named after characters that she has portrayed in both books & movies.. The Louisa Midi, named after the main character from Me Before You. And don't forget about the Dany Sheath, named after the infamous Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.

I have been following a trend lately of naming sewing projects after my favorite characters from books.. And have only ever named one other sewing project after another actress: The Emma Skirt. (Named after the majestic Emma Watson, obvi.)

Over the last few years, I have fallen in love with Emilia Clark. She is a strong, independent, and hilarious woman.. But she's also feminine & beautiful. I literally imagine her as Louisa Clark (from the novel/movie Me Before You) if she hadn't become an actress and subsequently famous. And if you read my previous post about the Louisa.. You will know that I fell head over heels in love with the character after reading that novel.

But I don't think so.

In every interview I have ever seen of her, she is laughing so loudly it makes ME laugh. It's infectious. And she just seems so down to earth, after being in the most popular show of all time, playing one of the most famous characters of all time.

But really.. What I love most about Emilia Clark is that laugh. I feel like even if she had ended up as Louisa Clark IRL, she would still be laughing loudly, trying to figure life out. Which I feel like we all need to step back and do sometimes.. It's so easy to just get caught up in the tasks of every day life, that it's easy to forget to laugh and to enjoy it all.

I specifically did just that this week.. It was an INSANE week (hence this post not getting out until the last day of the week, Sunday) and I was just GOING the entire time. Between working on The Flora Modiste, exercising, cooking, keeping the house clean, & pup walking (yes, I walk pups on the side) it was just nonstop.

And now, on Saturday night, I'm absolutely wrecked. My pup Teri has been pouting all night on the other side of the sofa because I've been neglecting her. And I could get upset about it.. Or I could just laugh at how silly she's being. Because I know she'll forgive me, and once we head off to our cosy bed, she will be right there next to me, cuddling as we fall asleep. (It's one of my favorite times of day.)

And that next week I will be better, giving her all the attention a Khaleesi deserves. But really.. If (when!) The Flora Modiste becomes something incredibly special & well known, I'm hoping that I would still retain that laugh as Emilia does.

And that lightness that no matter how high you climb, we're all just people that need to smile. We're all the same.

(Ready to learn how to sew belt loops on a pair of pants? It's definitely not as easy as it sounds, so make sure to grab your downloadable sewing tutorial below!)

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