Perfect Hairstyle for Dirty Hair Days

Miyah Johnson
by Miyah Johnson
3 Materials
5 Minutes

Is your hair dirty, but there’s just no time for a thorough wash? Here’s the perfect hairstyle for when you’re pushing off wash day.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair ties
  • Claw clip
  • Spray bottle
Parting hair

1. Part your hair

Part your hair into three sections.

Start with a front section where your bangs should be and two top sections on either side of a middle part. 

Sectioning hair

Then, section off two more behind the two topmost parts.

Sectioning bangs

2. Tie and section your bangs

Tie your bangs together with a hair tie, and then split them into two parts. 

Combining hair

3. Combine your bangs with the top section

Combine each part of the bangs with the section behind it. 

Tying hair

4. Tie everything to the final section

Tie the combined bangs and frontmost section with the final sections behind it.

Spraying hair

5. Spray your hair

Spray the hair that’s not tied up with water to add moisture and define your curls.

Adding clip

6. Hold in place with a claw clip

Twist your hair and clasp it in place with a claw clip.

Perfect hairstyle for dirty hair days

Perfect hairstyle for dirty hair days

Here’s the finished style! This style is so easy and cute, and it’s perfect for those days when you’re not ready to wash or detangle your hair.

Have you ever tried this style before? Let me know down below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair ties
  • Claw clip
  • Spray bottle

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