5 Cute Pink and White Gel Nail Art Designs - Perfect For Beginners

by Laurart
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10 Minutes

Whether you’re a long-time manicure pro or you just got your first gel nail kit, you’re probably looking for new designs you can do at home.

Fortunately, I’ve got five super easy gel nail art designs for that that even an absolute beginner can do. I'm creating pink and white gel nail art designs, but you can choose whatever colors your heart desires.

Follow this tutorial and your nails are going to be something to flaunt!

Tools and materials:

  • Gel nail polish 
  • Nail lamp
  • Top coat 
  • Dotting pen tool

!. Pink and white cheetah spots

Applying pink gel polish to the nail

Apply a pink gel to your nail and then cure it under a UV or LED lamp. 

Applying a coat of white gel polish over pink

Cover the pink with white gel polish, but don’t cure this layer just yet.

Adding dots of top coat to the white polish

Pour a bit of the top coat onto a safe surface and use a dotting tool to lightly cover the nail.

The pink underneath the white should slowly begin to peek through where you dotted the top coat. Cure. 

Applying a light coat of top coat

Finally, lightly coat the nail with the top coat. 

Pink and white gel nail art for beginners

Here’s the finished look!

2. Glitter ombre

Applying pink gel polish to the nail

Coat the nail with a pink gel and then cure. 

Applying glitter gel polish to the top third

Apply a glittery gel only to the top third of the nail. 

Applying a second coat of glitter to the tip

Then, apply another layer of the same gel just over the tip of your nail. This will add a darker tip. 

Glitter gel nail art designs

Use a thin brush to blend the two layers together and clean up the lines, then cure. 

Pink glitter gel nail art design

Here’s the finished look!

3. Mixed marble

Dots of gel nail polish in shades of pink and white

Set out three colors on a safe surface. I went with the same white and pink from the previous nails, and three additional colors. These are the ones I chose.

I also used the glitter gel that’s unpictured here. 

How to do gel nail art designs

Apply the first color as a base coat, cure, and then apply that same color again. Don’t cure after the second layer. 

Creating a pink and white striped pattern

Alternate between all of the colors in your palette and draw lines diagonally across the nail to create a striped pattern. 

Easy nail art ideas

Gently overlap and mix them together by continuing to overlay your colors. 

Easy gel polish nail art

As you paint over the existing stripes, it should break them up and add a bit of texture.   

Pink and white gel nail art ideas

Here’s the final look! 

4. Pink and white spiral

Applying white gel polish as a base

Apply a white base and cure. 

Painting half of the nail pink

Paint half of the nail pink.

Swirling the pink and white polish together

Apply another layer of the white gel, and then using the dotting tool, lightly etch a spiral into the nail. Go over it several times for maximum effect.

As you swirl, the pink should begin blending with the white and vice versa. 

Pink and white gel nail art tutorial

Here’s the finished look! 

5. Smoky pink

White painted nail

Apply a white base and cure.

Applying a thin layer of top coat

Apply a thin layer of the top coat, but don’t cure yet.

Applying pink polish to the top third

With a thin brush, apply pink to the top third of the nail. Don’t worry about doing it perfectly; it should appear a bit messy. 

Blending the pink and white polish together

Blend the pink down into the white. Again, messy is key here. The white should show through the pink and, combined with the clear topcoat, should give the pink a smoky look.

Applying a matte top coat over the nail design

Once the design looks how you want it, apply a matte top coat.

Smoky gel polish nail art

Here’s the finished look! 

Pink and white gel nail art

Pink and white gel nail art tutorial

That’s it! Here’s the final look for all of the easy nail art designs I shared today. You can create them directly on your nails with gel polish or paint them first on fake nails before gluing them on, as I did.

If you enjoyed this gel nail art tutorial, let me know which pink and white nail art designs were your favorites in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Gel nail polish
  • Nail lamp
  • Top coat
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