How to Easily Apply & Remove Real Polish Nail Wraps at Home

by Laurart
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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to apply real nail polish wraps. These wraps are real polish nail wraps, meaning you’ll get that familiar nail polish smell when using them. They’re so easy to apply; I can use my non-dominant hand and the results are still amazing.

Tools and materials:

Cutting the nail wraps

1. Cut the wraps

After you pick the style of your choice, cut the wraps off the stick it comes on. Be careful not to cut too low and ruin the design, and make sure you don’t mix them up. In each pack, there’s a wrap for every nail and the sizes will vary, so keep them in order.

Preparing nails by filing

2. Prepare your nails

Prepare your nails before you apply the wraps, whether you want to trim or just shape with a nail file like I am. This is also the time to do any cuticle care if desired.

Cleaning nails with alcohol

3. Clean your nails with alcohol

Thoroughly clean each nail with the alcohol wrap provided in the pack of nail wraps. Cleaning your nails with alcohol is important to strip the buildup of oil on the nail and it’ll help the nail polish wraps stick better and last longer.

Trimming the nail wraps

4. Trim your nail wraps

No nail is the same, so it’s likely the nail wrap isn’t going to be a perfect fit for the nail you intended to place it on. Use a pair of scissors to trim the nail wraps so they match the shape of your nail. 

Removing the clear film from the nail wrap

5. Unwrap the nail polish wrap

Remove the clear film from the nail wrap with a pair of tweezers.

Removing the nail wrap from the backing

Then, remove the nail wrap from its backing. Avoid using your fingers as they can transfer oils to the wrap. 

How to apply nail polish wraps

6. How to apply nail polish wraps

Gently place the real polish nail wraps onto the correct nail. Once you’re sure they’re in the correct place, then begin to mold the wrap so it fits and is shaped to your nail. Smooth out any bubbles are harsh lines. 

DIY nail polish wraps

7. Trim the top of the nail wrap

Once the nail polish wrap is on, use a pair of scissors to cut off the excess wrap. Trim in a straight line as close to the nail as possible.

Folding the nail polish wrap over the nail

Then, fold the remaining wrap around the back of the nail.

Filing the back of the nail

8. File the back of your nail

After you finish applying, with a nail file or emery board, file in a downward motion the remaining strip of wrap to smooth the edge of the nail.

Removing the excess polish

This’ll also help get rid of the excess polish.

Cleaning up the nail polish wraps with nail polish remover

9. Use nail polish remover for any cleanup

If necessary, you can use nail polish remover or acetone to clean up the sides of the nail where the wrap doesn’t fit right. Remember, this is real nail polish, so if you’re wondering how to remove nail polish wraps, the same methods apply.

Applying a clear top coat over the top of the nail polish wraps

10. Apply a top coat

To finish up, apply a clear topcoat to each nail.

How to remove nail polish wraps

11. How to remove nail polish wraps

If you want to remove the nail polish wrap, as previously stated, all you need is a nail polish remover and a cotton pad. This makes the wraps super versatile, so you can swap them out whenever you please!

Removing the nail polish wraps


Real polish nail wraps results

Here’s the finished look!

Real polish nail wraps tutorial

These real polish nail wraps are incredible and look just like nail polish. They’re a quick and easy way to get advanced-looking nail designs without the trouble of going through the process yourself.

Let me know what you think about nail wraps and if you’d use them to replace the long trip to the nail salon.

Suggested materials:
  • Nail polish wrap kit
  • Scissors
  • Nail file
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