DIY Rey Star Wars Costume

17 Materials
3 Hours

Are you a big fan of “The Force Awakens” like me? With Halloween just around the corner, I’ve put together a Rey Star Wars costume just for you.

Tools and materials: 

  • Brown faux leather
  • Clip attachments
  • Fabric for wrap sashes
  • Tea-stained bandage fabric
  • Beige fabric for the top
  • Gray/brown fabric for the pants
  • Elastic for pants waistband
  • T-shirt as a template
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • White chalk or white wax pencil
  • Broomstick
  • 6 black tea bags
  • Black/brown eyeshadow
Making the top for DIY Rey costume

Making the top

1. Cut out the basic shape of the shirt

Fold your beige shirt fabric in half and lay it flat.

Then, fold a t-shirt to be used as a template and place the center line against the fold of the beige fabric. Cut around the shirt with fabric scissors.

2. Cut neckline

While your cut out shirt is still folded in half, cut the neckline. 

Cutting the neckline

3. Sew the seams

Open the shirt pieces and make sure they are laying straight and flat. Next, sew the shoulder and side seams. 

Making the pants

1. Cut out the basic shape of the pants

Like with the shirt, use a pair of pants as a template to cut out the shape of the pants. 

2. Sew the pants

First, sew the inner seam and crotch areas. Then attach the waistband. 

Attaching the waistband

3. Make drawstring details

At the bottom of each pant leg, create about a 1” casing. Cut two thin strips of fabric. Then, feed the strings through each casing. 

Creating a casing

Feeding the strips through

Making the wrap sashes

1. Cut the fabric 

Cut across horizontally down the middle of the sash fabric to create two equal pieces.

Cutting piece in half

2. Gather and attach the sash pieces

Gather the fabric at the halfway point of both pieces and sew it in place

Gathering the fabric

3. Attach velcro

Attach velcro to the bottom of both wrap sashes. Then attach the opposite velcro to the top of both shoulder seams. 

Adding velcro

Attaching velcro

Attaching velcro

Making the arm bandages

1. Cut strips

Pre-stain your bandage fabric using a few tea bags, soaking the fabric in the tea, then allow to dry.

Next, cut two long strips for both arms. Next, affix velcro to the top of each piece to fit snugly around your arm. 

Attaching velcro

Making the left arm badge

1. Hem the edges and add velcro

Use your sewing machine to make about a 1/2 “ hem around the edges. Add velcro to each side to fit your arm in the correct place.

Hemming the edges

Attaching velcro

Making the belt straps

Measure and cut two strips, about 2-3” thick. Then create a hem on each piece using hot glue. Once dry, add the clip attachments. 

Measuring and cutting strips

Adding hot glue

Making the side bag

1. Draw a template

On the reverse side of the faux leather material, draw a long rectangle with chalk.

Next, using chalk, create two equal, square sections within the rectangle and a thin, rectangular panel at the top.

Fabric marked with chalk lines

The bag will be folded as in the image below.

Folded fabric

2. Glue the edges

Cut out the corners to avoid bulk when applying the glue to the edges.

Fold over the inner tabs that you created by clipping the corners and glue the pieces down. (See video 3:00-3:08)

Then glue the sides of the bag.

Clipping corners

3. Add velcro

Glue two short pieces of velcro to opposing sides of the top flap of the bag. Then, hot glue it on to the bottom belt strap.

Adding velcro

The bag should look like this:

Bag attached to belt strap with hot glue

Next, add another piece of faux leather with velcro to cover the clip attachments.

Adding more velcro

Making the staff

1. Cover a broomstick

Using more of the faux leather, cover the broomstick. Cut a few extra strips of the same fabric and add them to the top of the staff, using the hot glue to secure everything in place.

Covering broomstick with faux lather

Faux leather on broomstick

2. Add loop attachments

Cut two small rectangles from the faux leather and add the loop attachments, gluing the leather closed with the hot glue.

Adding loop attachments

 Then glue them to the staff:

Staff with strap

Add the strap. It should look like this:

Staff with strap

Here is a closeup of the connection:

Closeup of connection

3. Add bandage details

Cut two thin strips of the bandage material, then wrap and tie them under the clips.

Bandage detail added

Give the bandages a dirty look using earth-toned eyeshadow.

Adding brown eyeshadow to bandages

Add final touches to the top

1. Cut a slit

At the center of the neckline, cut a shallow slit and use the eyeshadow again to give a worn look. 

Cutting a slit in top

Cutting a slit in top

Putting it all together 

Try on all the main garments and wrap your arms with the bandage fabric.

Then, put on the faux-leather accessories. I wore black, suede booties as well.  (See video 4:10 - 5:07)

Bandages on arm

Wrap the belt like this:

Wearing Rey costume belt

Wearing Rey costume belt

Rey Star Wars costume

Here’s the final look of my Rey Star Wars costume. You can also try a hairstyle and makeup like mine. 

Rey Star Wars costume

Rey Star Wars costume hair

Rey Star Wars costume

If you’re a Star Wars fan like I am, I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own Rey costume! Show your final look in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Brown faux leather
  • Clip attachments
  • Fabric for wrap sashes
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