How to Easily Do Rose Gold Chrome Nails With Powder Instead of Polish

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40 Minutes

Today I am showing you how to do rose gold chrome nails using nail powder instead of polish. I love this mirrored look so much and I had to share it with you. If you haven’t used nail powder before, I’ll show you how it works.

Tools and materials:

Applying a gel base coat to nails

1. Prep your nails

Apply a gel base coat to your nails and cure it under a UV lamp. Then apply a no-wipe top coat.

You can apply a thin coat of black gel nail polish, but I decided not to do that because I want to see how the rose chrome powder polish looks on its own.

You’ve now got a beautiful shiny base for your rose gold chrome powder nail polish.

Applying rose gold chrome nail powder

2. Apply rose gold chrome nail powder

Use a makeup sponge to apply the rose gold chrome powder to your nails. You can also just use your finger to apply the powder. But the sponge helps you buff in the powder.

Don’t worry about getting the polish outside of your nail bed because you’ll be able to clean that up later.

Applying a no-wipe top coat to the rose gold chrome nails

3. Add another top coat

Add one more layer of no-wipe gel top coat over the rose chrome powder polish. Cure it under a UV lamp.

Once you’ve cured the last no-wipe gel top coat you can wash your hands to remove the excess polish from around your nails.

DIY rose gold chrome nails

DIY rose gold chrome nails tutorial

I just love the effect that you get from the rose chrome powder polish. You could do this with regular nail polish too, but you would need to use a water-based top coat, not a gel top coat, in order to get the chrome effect.

I hope you love your rose gold chrome nails as much as I love mine! Please leave a comment to let me know if you tried it and how you like working with nail powder.

Suggested materials:
  • Gel nail base coat
  • No-wipe gel top coat
  • Rose gold chrome powder nail polish
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  • Zi Zi on Jun 27, 2022

    Do you apply the powder to a dry gel coat, or a semi- dry... Or??? And, where do you get that marvelous nail POWDER?!?