How Create Festive Santa Belt Nails in 7 Simple Steps

by RoseDIY13
5 Materials
35 Minutes

Bring some Christmas cheer with these Santa belt nails! These are easier to do on nails that extend past your fingertip. They don’t need to be as long as mine are but they do need a bit of length for all the detail! Here’s a Santa Claus nail art tutorial that’s not too complicated and most festive!

Tools and materials:

  • Anti-yellow base coat
  • Red, white, black, and gold nail polish
  • Thin brush
  • Dotting tool
  • Top coat
Applying a base coat to nails

1. Prepare your nails

Make sure your nails are clean, cuticles pushed back, and filed to perfection. Apply a non-yellowing base coat.

Painting nails red for the Santa nail art

2. Apply the red base

Apply the first red coat in smooth even strokes. Wait for the first coat to dry thoroughly. Then apply the second coat, making sure you get the red base towards the very edge of the nails. Let the second coat dry thoroughly.

How to do Santa suit nails

3. Draw Santa's white trim

Open the white polish bottle and gently scrape any excess polish on the inside of the bottle so there are no clumps. Carefully draw a vertical line down the center of each nail. Let Santa’s white trim dry.

Santa Claus nail art tutorial

4. Draw Santa's belt

Open the black polish and like the white polish, scrape any excess polish off. Here you’ll want to use the edge of the brush to draw a horizontal line about a third of the way from the top of the nail. This will be Santa’s belt! Let it dry.

How to do Santa belt nails

5. Draw Santa’s belt buckle

Open the gold polish. Set the brush it comes with aside. Insert a thin brush into the polish, scrape off any excess on the neck of the bottle, and draw a small rectangle in the center of the black horizontal stripe.

Draw two short gold vertical lines directly on the black and two connecting lines on the red, just outside the black, for a well-defined buckle. While that’s drying, it’s time for Santa’s buttons!

Cute and easy Santa nails

6. Make Santa’s buttons

Open the black polish and take out the brush. Collect a small amount of polish on the dotting tool and gently apply a few dots on the white vertical stripe at equal distance. Let the dots dry.

Santa belt nails

7. Clear top coat

Once all the polish is dry, apply a clear top coat to seal in the Santa nails!

Santa belt nails tutorial

I hope you try these cute Santa nails! They are so much fun to wear during the holiday season! Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed my Santa Claus art nail tutorial. Merry Christmas! 

Suggested materials:
  • Anti-yellow base coat
  • Red, white, black, and gold nail polish
  • Thin brush
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