Change Your Boots Look With These Easy DIY Covers + Matching Hat Band

2 Materials
40 Minutes

Want to expand your boot collection without the hefty price tag? Some leftover fabric and trim can give you a new style in minutes!

I had some leftover heavy black and white plaid fabric, originally I was going to glue it to the insets of these boots that have been worn to death but instead decided to do a less permanent option and just make some covers for them.

I started by laying the boot on top of the fabric

I folded the fabric over the boot and pinned it, I left about 6.5 extra inches at the top, which would be folded down over and then inside the boot top, the extra length would help to keep it in place when it was on.

I cut around the inset of the boot to add a trim feature, but this is not necessary, you could just fold and pin to have a straight bottom if you wanted to. You also you hot glue on the fabric folds if you want a no sew option.

I pinned the double fold trim over the raw edges, and put it back on the boot to check it was even before taking it back off to sew the seams.

With some of the left over pieces I made a fedora hat band, I did a no sew option on this one by folding the fabic with the open seam in the middle and ironing down.

With the glue gun, I glued all the open seams shut

I glued 2 little bands over the seam of the fabric and one on the opposite side just for decorative value. This is such an easy way to have a matching hat and boots.

You put the covers on the boot before you put them on, then tuck the excess at the top deep into the boot. The hat band slips right on top and comes back off when you want to wear a different color.

Here is a back view

Such a quick and easy way to update a pair of boots! The key is to make sure you have a thick enough fabric or that you have a good interfacing to keep thinner fabric more stiff.

The whole project took about 40 minutes, it would have been less if I didn't cut out the inset and add the trim.

Have a wonderful day!


Suggested materials:
  • Fabric   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Double fold trim   (Walmart)

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