DIY Floral Iron On Sneakers

A few years ago we made some fun floral shoes with iron-on transfer paper and recently we shared them again on social media. Once we did we were surprised when our comments were flooded with people who did not believe that they were actually a DIY project! We think this was because the printing of the image transfer can be ironed on to the seams of the shoes making them look like part of the fabric, which made a handful of commenters refuse to believe they were DIY. Some even thought we had bought a pair of floral shoes and were lying about making them! Oh…the internet!

As a result, we had to defend our honor and decided it was time to make an updated pair. So today, we will share the DIY Floral Iron On Sneakers project with you and prove all the doubters wrong! (You can watch us make them and laugh about this shoe drama on our  Shoegate hightlight on our Instagram!) You're gonna love trying this one out for yourself, and may even get a few doubters of your own when you tell people you made them yourself! Here is what you'll need:

Supplies needed to make DIY Floral Iron On Sneakers

White Canvas Sneakers

Floral Design (ours is from Etsy)

Iron-On Transfer Paper

Color Printer



How to make DIY Floral Iron On Sneakers

Step 1: Load your paper into your printer according your package directions (you'll want to ensure that it prints on the correct side) and send to print.

Step 2: Remove your laces from your sneakers and set your iron to the settings indicated on your package directions.

Step 3: Working in sections, cut pieces of the paper and iron them, design side down onto your shoes. I think of this as putting together a puzzle. It's easier to cut and iron small sections at a time then to try to cut pieces that are the exact size of the shoe and iron them on. Remove the backing once the floral image has transferred onto the shoe.

Step 4: Repeat this process, filling in the white areas of the sneakers with the ironed-on flowers until the entire fabric surface of the shoe has been covered. (Tip, if you iron on a flower and it doesn't transer perfectly, cut another piece of the same flower and try again in the same spot. If you use a loud floral pattern like we did it will all blend together and you won't even notice any spots where you may have had to try again!)

Step 5: Return your laces to the shoes and wear!

So, do you believe us? Or are you suspicious too? (LOL). I mean, we're not mad about the doubters since the most sincere compliment a DIY-er can get is when you can't tell that it's DIY!

Have you ever DIY-ed your shoes? What method did you use?

Happy making!

ox. Liz + Sam

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