How to Easily Make DIY Louboutin Shoes & Paint the Town Red!

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Like most of the population, I can’t afford real Christian Louboutin red bottoms, so I thought I would make my own. Follow along to learn how to make DIY Louboutin shoes. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

Red collar stiletto heels

I have here a collar stiletto which has its name because of the extra curvature at the top by the ankle. The shoes are red, and so the red bottoms will match perfectly. If, however, you would like to create a more high-contrast look, you can opt for a pair of black heels instead.

Prepping the shoes with isopropyl alcohol

1. Prep the shoes

Dab some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad and smooth it all over the shoes. This will help prep the shoes and make them easier to paint on later.

Painting the shoe bottoms red

2. Paint the shoes

Dab some of the red paint onto the flat side of your sponge, and then coat the bottom of your shoes. The paint gives a nice opaque finish, so you won't need many coats of it.

How to make fake red bottoms

3. Apply a second coat

Once the paint is dry, go in with a second coat. When painting around the edges, use your small detail brush to help you achieve a clean and precise finish. You can also apply a third coat if you like.

Louboutin red paint DIY

4. Apply acrylic finisher & clear nail polish

Next, apply an acrylic leather finisher for a glossy finish. I actually wanted a glossier effect, so I added a coat of clear nail polish to the bottom of the shoe to give it a nice shiny finish.

Do not put it on the parts of the bottom of the shoe that directly touch the floor. That is because you need some sort of grip on the bottom. 

Tip: you can see my heels have an embossed name on the sole. If I wanted to be super-detailed, I could use some drywall repair or clay to fill this in, but I don't think it's noticeable.

How to make red bottom heels

5. Add sole protectors

Next, put sole protectors on the bottom of the shoes to create some friction that will make the shoes easier and more stable to walk in. The protectors are a sticker, so simply cut them to fit your shoes and then stick them on.

DIY Louboutin shoes

DIY Louboutin shoes

I think that the DIY red Louboutin bottoms turned out really great, and these are definitely a great option if you can’t afford the real things. The red finish is thick and shiny and looks very high quality. I hope you’ll try this DIY out for yourself!

DIY red bottom heels

Suggested materials:
  • Red acrylic finisher
  • Clear nail polish
  • Cotton pads
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