How to Easily Make DIY Yeezy Sock Boots in 6 Simple Steps

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Yeezy boots with heels can be expensive to buy. But you can follow this tutorial for DIY Yeezy sock boots and make your own!

Best of all, you probably already have a pair of shoes in your closet that you can convert to these Yeezy knit ankle boot dupes, and you won’t be sacrificing your shoes, because this DIY Yeezy boots hack won’t damage them!

Tools and materials:

  • One pair of pump-style shoes
  • One pair of socks with foot bottom grips
  • Scissors
  • Fray Check liquid seam sealant
Choosing shoes for the DIY Yeezy boots

1. Choose your shoes

For this tutorial, I used a round-toed pump with a platform, but you can use whatever kind of pump you have. Make your own Yeezy sock boots from low, mid, or high-heeled pumps, platforms or no platforms, round, square or pointed-toe!

Or make yourself DIY Yeezy sock boots in every style! Choose mid-calf or knee socks depending on how high you want your Yeezy sock boots to come up your leg.

Making a Yeezy knit ankle boot dupe

2. Cover your shoes

Start with your shoes on. Now, put a sock over the toe of your shoe and then stretch the sock to fit over the whole of your shoe. 

How to make DIY Yeezy sock boots

Stretch the sock to pull it over the heel of your shoe as well, and then pull the sock all the way up your leg.

Snipping a hole for the heel

3. Expose your heels

Using scissors, snip a small hole in the sock at the bottom of your shoe heel. Pull the sock to the top of the heel, where it meets the sole of your shoe. 

Making DIY Yeezy sock boots

4. Smooth out your Yeezy sock boots

Pull the sock up and continue to stretch and pull it over your shoe and up your leg until it is completely taut with no wrinkling or sagging.

Applying liquid seam sealant to the socks

5. Fray-protect your socks

Apply liquid seam sealant to the sock hole around the hole you made for the shoe heel. This will keep that hole from fraying.

Decorating the DIY Yeezy boots

6. Make it uniquely yours

Add an anklet or any other bling you’d like to decorate your Yeezy boots with!

DIY Yeezy sock boots

DIY Yeezy sock boots tutorial

What do you think? Pretty gorgeous Yeezy sock boots you’ve got now! Go ahead and pull another pair of shoes from your closet and make them again in a different style! You’ll have Yeezy sock boots for every fashion look.

Let me know what you think of this sock boots hack in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • One pair of pump-style shoes
  • One pair of socks with foot bottom grips
  • Scissors
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  • Christie Decker Christie Decker on Nov 16, 2021

    Something else not mentioned is that if it rains, if someone is watering their lawn, a puddle of water, well you are going to have some pretty wet feet soaking the water up from the ground. Yeah, not doing this makeover. Maybe someone will think of a better way? We'll see!

  • Lyn1538661 Lyn1538661 on Nov 17, 2021

    How do the soles of the socks not get holes in them from walking on the hard ground? (and then moving around to the shoe side)