DIY: Tribal Shorts

by Maria

I've got a lot of denim shorts and all used to be alike, so this summer I've been customizing them to look different and trendy. The first ones have been one of my HIT clothes this summer, my starry shorts (I made a DIY of them here - my other blog.). I have worn them a lot. They haven't appeared on the blog yet, but I'll try to show you an outfit with them before summer ends.

Another shorts have been customized too. I came across them last weekend and from the first moment I knew they were going to be my new TRIBAL shorts. So I've made a DIY tutorial to show you how to do it step by step. Let's start with it.

MATERIALS: shorts, masking tape, paint-brush and acrylic paint.

Put the shorts on a plane surface and use the tape to create the contour of the first shape you want to paint.

Paint the shape and let it dry. This kind of paint dries quickly. Once it is dry, replace the tape for new one forming the shape of the new space you are going to paint.

 You just have to do the same until you have painted the pattern you want with different colours.

And there you have the result. This kind of paint stays on the fabric once it is dry, but to be sure I recommend you to iron it and the paint will be fixed on the fabric this way. If you want the first time wash them separately :) Are you going to design your own shorts? If you do, I'd like to see them!  Here you have a look with them.

What do you think? I love them. Have a nice weekend ;)

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