Super Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Shonagh Scott
by Shonagh Scott
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Here is a quick and simple, everyday makeup look to start the year, featuring my most reached-for makeup products of the moment.

If you are going to work, meeting a friend for coffee or seeing family, this makeup is quick to apply and will give your face a healthy look.

Tools and materials:

  • Lip balm
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Eye concealer
  • Concealer
  • Finishing powder
  • Cotton bud
  • Various makeup brushes
  • Large powder puff
  • Ink stain/brow pencil
  • Clear brow setter
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • Eye liner pencil
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer
  • Blush stick
  • Matte brown eyeshadow
  • Makeup palette
  • Eyeliner sealant
  • Craft paint brush size 0
Nourishing the lips

1. Nourish your lips

Start by applying a lip balm. I chose a product that has shea butter and coconut oil to soften my lips.

2. Apply primer

Next, apply primer to clean skin. If you have oily skin, this layer is meant to keep oil at bay.

Alternatively, if you’re prone to dryness, primer ensures that lightweight makeup doesn’t sit in the dry areas of the skin.

Applying foundation

3. Apply foundation

Now apply a lightweight foundation with your fingers. I’ve mixed 2 shades to best match my skin, keeping in mind the color of my neck and chest.

Applying concealer

4. Apply concealer

Put dots of concealer on the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

Use it on any other redness or dark spots that you wish to cover. Then blend them in with your fingers.

Applying concealer

Also, tap a small amount on the center of your face if you are prone to redness there, like me.

Setting eyes

5. Set your eyes

Apply finishing powder to your lids. Apply it with your finger to make sure there is no creasing.

Then, use a powder puff or brush to work the product over your mobile lid. 

Setting eyes

6. Set your forehead

Use the same product on a large powder puff to set your forehead and slightly over your eyebrows.

Remove any excess product from your brows with a cotton bud.

Setting forehead

7. Fill in your brows

Next, fill in your brows as needed and give them definition with an ink stain/brow pencil.

If you need more guidance, check out my Easy 3-Step Fluffy Brow Tutorial.

Filling in brows

Then, finish off your brows with a clear, brow gel.

Applying brow gel

8. Apply liquid eyeliner

Apply your favorite eyeliner. If you have hooded eyes, apply it only to the root of your eyelashes.

For a daytime look, keep the eyeliner to the outer half of your top lid. You don’t have to create a wing, but darkening that lash line brightens your eyes. This also allows you to apply less mascara.

Applying liquid eyeliner

9. Curl your eyelashes

Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. This will open up your eyes and make the most of your lashes.

Curling lashes

10. Apply mascara

Applying mascara

11. Add definition to your lower eyelashes

Use an eyeliner pencil to draw soft lines in the same direction as your lower eyelashes.

This subtle addition allows you to go without mascara on those bottom lashes.

Adding definition to lower lashes

12. Set your makeup

Avoid setting the makeup directly under the eyes, where it can crease.

Instead, with your powder puff, place the setting powder in the hollow of the eyes.

Setting makeup

13. Apply bronzer

To save time and maintain that light makeup look we’re going for, use a powder bronzer. Apply it with an angled brush along the hairline. 

Applying bronzer

Evenly set your cheeks with setting powder using a large powder puff.

Applying bronzer

Then, apply bronzer to your cheekbones. The bronzer both sculps and warms up the skin.

Applying blush

14. Apply blush

Transfer a small amount of peach blush from a blush stick to a brush.

Applying blush

Apply the blush in line with the tails of your eyebrows.

Applying blush

15. Add color to your lips

Put a bit of the blush on your finger and dab it on your lips as well.

Adding color to lips

Then, add shine by applying a bit of lip balm on top of the color.

Adding shine to lips

16. Re-curl your lashes

Now that the mascara is dry, use your lash curlers, giving just a little pinch to lift your lashes to the high heavens.

Curled lashes

17. Add faux freckles (optional)

For a youthful finish, add in a few freckles using a tiny brush and a small amount of matte brown eyeshadow.

Scrape a small amount onto a palette and mix with a few drops of eyeliner sealant. 

Creating faux freckles

Apply a few dots to the bridge of your nose and to the sides. Blot them gently with your finger to blend.

Creating faux freckles

Here is my before and after photos to show you the results of this everyday makeup routine:

Simple everyday makeup

Simple everyday makeup

Anyone can achieve this glowy, natural look with these basic makeup materials that you probably have at home.

Show us your light makeup results in the comments below!

Products used:

  • Authored Lip Balm:
  • Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer (For oily skin)
  • Tatcha Silk Canvas (For dry skin)
  • No7 Restore & Renew Foundation
  • Trinny London BFF Eye Serum-Concealer
  • Clinique Even Better All-Over Concealer
  • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder Fair 1
Suggested materials:
  • Lip balm
  • Primer
  • Foundation
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